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Enterovirus by RT-PCR, CSF

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Main Lab

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Enterovirus RNA, CSF


Real-Time TaqMan RT-PCR


Daily, Mon-Fri; Less frequently out of season


1-2 days (varies with seasonal activity)

Specimen Requirements: 

Collection: No minimum volume indicated. Collect Collect CSF in a sterile tube.
CSF Tube 4 also acceptable.
Pediatric volume: 0.25
Transport: CSF specimens must be promptly delivered to the laboratory.



Testing frequency increases during periods of enterovirus activity in the community. Enteroviruses typically circulate at highest levels in the summer and early fall in CT.

For paralysis or encephalitis due to enterovirus 71, PCR of stool may be required as CSF may be negative.

For acute flaccid paralysis due to EV-D68, a throat swab for PCR should be submitted. EV-D68 is almost never found in CSF or stool.

Reference Interval: 

Not Detected

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