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Blood culture

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Main Lab

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Bactec FX continuous monitoring system Bactec Standard culture procedure for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria




5 days

Specimen Requirements: 

Collection: Optimal volume is 10.0 mL Blood per bottle. 1 set consists of an Aerobic and an anaerobic Bottle.
Pediatric volume: lower volumes are acceptable
Collect blood in an Aerobic and Anaerobic bottle using aseptic technique, as defined for blood culture collection. Site of specimen draw is required (e.g. left peripheral, A-line, etc).
Transport: Sample should arrive within 2 hours of collection whenever possible. Hold culture bottles at room temperature if there is a delay.
Unacceptable conditions: Do not refrigerate bottles before or after inoculation



Reflex Criteria: Gram stains are performed ONLY if the blood culture bottle is determined positive. Identification and susceptibilities are performed per lab protocol.

Low volume will result in decreased recovery of pathogens. Optimal volume is between 8-10 mL per bottle.

For difficult draws or pediatric patients when a single bottle is collected, the aerobic bottle is preferred.

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No Growth

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Blood Culture Gram Stain [LRR18605]

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