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Cancer antigen 19-9

Lab Section:  Chemistry  
Lab Location:  Main Lab
Test ID: LAB777 
Methodology: Chemiluminescent Immunoassay
Schedule: Monday-Friday cut off 2 PM
Reported: 1 day
Specimen Requirements:  Collection: 1.0 mL Blood in a Gold Top Tube or Heparinized Plasma.
Pediatric volume: 0.5 mL.
Unacceptable conditions: Gross hemolysis
Stability: After separation from cells and refrigerated, 7 days


Clinical Indications: CA 19-9 may be useful in monitoring pancreatic, hepatobiliary, gastric, hepatocellular, and colorectal cancer. The CA 19-9 assay value, regardless of level, should not be interpreted as absolute evidence of the presence or absence of malignant disease.

Reference Interval:  18 Years old and up 0.0 - 37.0 U/mL
CPT Code(s): 86301
Last Changed: 09/04/2016 14:59:21
Last Reviewed: 10/19/2016 12:57:55