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AFB culture

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Main Lab

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Mycobacteria Culture TB Culture


Monday Saturday; exception Respiratory Inpatient submissions are processed 7 days a week


8 weeks

Specimen Requirements: 

Collection: 5.0 ml Culture in a Sterile Container.
Collect culture in Sterile, leak-proof container.
Prefer 5-10 ml; Minimum 1 ml
Sputum 3-10 ml
Urine - 1st morning urine - Do not send 24 hour urine
CSF - 2-5 ml ideal; <1 ml unacceptable
Body fluids - 1-5 ml minimum
Tissue - small piece in small amount of sterile saline
Gastric - 3-5 ml minimum - must arrive within 1 hour of collection; Notify Lab BEFORE sending sample
Transport: Refrigerate if transport delayed more than 1 hour.
Unacceptable conditions: No swabs or Eswabs accepted



The test order includes Concentration, AFB Culture and AFB Stain

Tests in this Panel: 

Test Name

Reference Interval

AFB Culture [LRR11679]

Age Limit


Normal Range

0 Days - 999 Years


No Growth After 8 Weeks of Incubation

AFB Stain [LRR11682]

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