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Prostate health index (PHI)

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Main Lab

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1 day

Specimen Requirements: 

Collection: Collect in a Gold Top Tube. Serum is the only acceptable sample. Specimens should be processed (centrifuged) and refrigerated within 3 hours of blood draw.

Minimum volume: 2mL of serum

Stability: After separation from cells, 3 days refrigerated. Five months frozen at -20 C.


Special Notes:


Beckman Coulter PHI may be used to determine the probability of prostate cancer on biopsy in individual men, 50 and older when total PSA is in the range of 4 to 10 ng/mL. Family and patient history can be used in combination with Beckman Coulter PHI results to determine the best individualized patient plan.


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Prostate Health Index ( When Total PSA is in the range of 4-10 ng/mL)

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CPT Code(s): 

84153, 84154, 86316

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02/22/2018 8:38:50