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Lab Section:  Sendout Reference  
Lab Location:  Sendout
Reference Lab: Mayo 
Test ID: LAB3181 
Synonyms: Iodine
Methodology: Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)
Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Reported: 7 days
Specimen Requirements:  Collection: 3.0 mL Blood in a Royal Blue Top - Serum.
Pediatric volume: 1 mL.
Plain, royal blue-top
Transport: Refrigerated.
Unacceptable conditions: Grossly iceteric specimens
Stability: 21 days Ambient, Refrigerated or Frozen
On Floor Storage: Obtain Metal-free tube from Chemistry Laboratory 688-2444


Clinical Indications: Iodine is an essential element that is required for thyroid hormone production. The measurement of iodine serves as an index of adequate dietary iodine intake and iodine overload, particularly from iodine-containing drugs such as amiodarone

High concentrations of gadolinium and iodine are known to interfere with most metals tests. If either gadolinium- or iodine-containing contrast media has been administered, a specimen should not be collected for 96 hours.

Reference Interval:  See patient report or consult reference laboratory website.
CPT Code(s): 83018
Last Changed: 12/27/2016 00:06:05
Last Reviewed: 12/27/2016 00:05:24