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MPL Exon 12 mutation detection, marrow

Lab Section:  Sendout Reference  
Lab Location:  Sendout
Reference Lab: Mayo 
Test ID: LAB6682 
Methodology: Mutation Detection in DNA Using Sanger Sequencing
Schedule: Monday - Friday
Reported: 1 week, 3 days
Specimen Requirements:  Collection: 4.0 mL Bone Marrow in a Lavender Top Tube.
Pediatric volume: 2 mL.
Bone marrow, Lavender EDTA. ACD also acceptable.
Transport: Room temperature.
Handling: Specimen must arrive within 168 hours of collection..
Unacceptable conditions: Grossly hemolyzed samples.
Stability: Ambient (preferred): 7 days; Refrigerated: 7 days


Clinical Indications: Aiding in the distinction between a reactive cytosis and a myeloproliferative neoplasm

Reference Interval:  See patient report or consult reference laboratory website.
CPT Code(s): 81403
Last Changed: 11/18/2016 11:04:17
Last Reviewed: 12/27/2016 00:52:49