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CASPR2 antibody test

Lab Section:  Sendout Reference  
Lab Location:  Sendout
Reference Lab: Athena Diagnostics 
Test ID: LAB7672 
Synonyms: CASPR2 IGG
Methodology: Semi-Quantitative Indirect Fluorescent Antibody
Schedule: Daily
Reported: 3-10 days
Specimen Requirements:  Collection: 3.0 mL Blood in a Red Top Tube.
Pediatric volume: 1.0 mL.
Transport: Refrigerated..
Unacceptable conditions: CSF or plasma. Contaminated, hemolyzed, or severely lipemic specimens
Stability: After separation from cells: Ambient: 48 hours; Refrigerated: 2 weeks; Frozen: 1 year (avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles)


Clinical Indications: Aid in diagnosis of contactin associated protein 2 (CASPR2) antibody disorders associated with acquired neuromyotonia, limbic encephalitis, painful neuropathy, and Morvan syndrome. Use to manage antibody-positive (CASPR2) individual following immunotherapy and/or plasmapheresis. Contactin-associated protein-2 (CASPR2) IgG antibody may occur as part of the voltage-gated potassium channel (VGKC) complex antibodies. The presence of CASPR2 IgG antibody is associated with a wide spectrum of clinical manifestations, including acquired neuromyotonia, limbic encephalitis, painful neuropathy and Morvan syndrome. Tumors such as thymoma, small-cell lung cancer, and other rarer tumors may occur. The full-spectrum of clinical disorders and tumors associated with the CASPR2 IgG antibody continues to be defined. Results should be interpreted in correlation with the patient's clinical history and other laboratory findings. This indirect fluorescent antibody assay utilizes contactin-associated protein-2 (CASPR2) transfected cell lines for the detection and semi-quantification of the CASPR2 IgG antibody.

Reference Interval:  See patient report or consult reference laboratory website.
CPT Code(s): 86255; if reflexed add 86256
Last Changed: 12/21/2016 10:05:04
Last Reviewed: 12/26/2016 23:17:05