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11-Deoxycortisol [LAB975]
17-Hydroxycorticosteroids, timed urine [LAB2300]
17-Hydroxypregnenolone [LAB530]
17 Hydroxyprogesterone, LC/MS/MS [LAB3882]
17-Ketosteroids, fractionation [LAB1039]
17-Ketosteroids w/creat., timed urine [LAB2301]
17-OH-Pregnenolone [LAB530]
1 Hr glucose PC [LAB6525]


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21-Hydroxylase antibody [LAB4782]


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3 Hr glucose tolerance test w/ insulin [LAB5974]


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4 Drug toxicology panel, urine, no conf. [LAB5258]
4 Drug toxicology panel, urine, w/ conf. [LAB5263]


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5 Drug toxicology panel, urine, no conf. [LAB5259]
5 Drug toxicology panel, urine, w/ conf. [LAB5264]
5-Flucytosine [LAB2364]
5-HIAA, Quantitative [LAB2302]
5 HIAA, timed urine [LAB2302]
5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid, Quantitative [LAB2302]
5'Nucleotidase [LAB2365]


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8 Drug toxicology panel, urine, no conf. [LAB5260]
8 Drug toxicology panel, urine, w/ conf. [LAB5265]


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9 Drug toxicology panel, urine, no conf. [LAB5261]
9 Drug toxicology panel, urine, w/ conf. [LAB5266]


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A. amstelodami glaucus gel diffusion [LAB2369]
AAT [LAB810]
ABPA panel I [LAB2370]
ABPA panel II [LAB2371]
Abscess culture [LAB2880]
Acanthamoeba (parasite) culture [LAB2372]
ACE [LAB179]
Ace polymorphism (insertion/deletion) - blood [LAB2100]
Acetaminophen level [LAB43]
Acetazolamide [LAB2373]
Acetylcholine Receptor (Muscle AChR) Antibodies [LAB3274]
Acetylcholine receptor, binding [LAB836]
Acid alpha-glucosidase, blood spot [LAB2375]
Actinomyces culture [LAB2376]
Activated protein C resistance [LAB2377]
ACT lab environmental monitor [LAB9035]
Acute lymphocyte leukemia panel, bone marrow [LAB2101]
Acute lymphocyte leukemia panel screen - blood [LAB2102]
Acute myelocytic leukemia panel, bone marrow [LAB2103]
Acute myelocytic leukemia panel screen - blood [LAB2104]
Acylcarnitines, plasma, quantitative [LAB429]
Acylglycines, urine, quantitative [LAB430]
ADA [LAB2386]
ADAMTS13 activity w/reflex to inhibitor [LAB6271]
Adenosine deaminase, CSF [LAB2383]
Adenosine deaminase, peritoneal fluid [LAB2384]
Adenosine deaminase, pleural fluid [LAB2385]
Adenosine deaminase, RBC [LAB2386]
Adenovirus by PCR [LAB8501]
Adenovirus by PCR, CSF [LAB2389]
Adenovirus, quantitative PCR, plasma [LAB2395]
ADH [LAB1108]
Adiponectin [LAB2396]
ADNFLE evaluation - blood [LAB2105]
Adrenal antibody screen, rflx to titer [LAB4149]
AFB culture [LAB877]
AFB culture, blood [LAB246]
AFB referral (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB4157]
Affinitor [LAB6983]
AFP (Blood) [LAB559]
AFP (Maternal) [LAB692]
AFP (Prenatal) [LAB692]
Alagile syndrome FISH (20p) - blood [LAB2109]
Alagile syndrome FISH - blood [LAB2108]
Alagille Syndrome FISH Analysis, Blood [LAB2108]
Alanine Aminotransferase [LAB132]
Alb [LAB45]
Albumin [LAB45]
Albumin/creatinine panel, urine, random [LAB6541]
Albumin/total protein [LAB2404]
Albumin, fluid [LAB177]
Albumin, timed urine w/creatinine [LAB2403]
Albumin, urine, random [LAB546]
Alcohol panel [LAB2407]
Aldolase [LAB556]
Aldosterone [LAB557]
Aldosterone/renin ratio [LAB2409]
Aldosterone, timed urine [LAB354]
Alkaline phosphatase [LAB112]
Alkaline phosphatase, bone specific [LAB1070]
Alkaline phosphatase, fluid [LAB2410]
Alkaline phosphatase, isoenzymes [LAB741]
Allergens (see below) [Allergen Index]
ALP [LAB112]
Alpha-1-antitrypsin [LAB810]
Alpha-1-antitrypsin, feces, random [LAB5879]
Alpha-1-antitrypsin phenotype [LAB2577]
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Pi Typing [LAB2577]
Alpha-2 antiplasmin [LAB1123]
Alpha-2-AP [LAB1123]
Alpha-2 macroglobulin [LAB4148]
Alpha AF calculation request [LAB8843]
Alpha fetoprotein (Maternal) [LAB692]
Alpha fetoprotein, amniotic [LAB663]
Alpha fetoprotein, maternal [LAB692]
Alphafetoprotein, tumor marker [LAB559]
Alpha-galactosidase, leukocytes [LAB2578]
Alpha-globin gene analysis [LAB2110]
Alpha-mannosidase, leukocytes [LAB2579]
Alpha subunit of PG hormones [LAB4713]
Alpha Thalassemia 7 deletions [LAB5834]
ALT [LAB132]
Aluminum level [LAB665]
AMH [LAB4452]
Amikacin, peak [LAB2581]
Amikacin, random [LAB2582]
Amikacin, trough [LAB2583]
Amino acid panel for dietary monitoring [LAB8459]
Amino acids, plasma [LAB811]
Amino acids, quantitative, urine, random [LAB4899]
Aminophylline [LAB35]
Amiodarone/N-Desethylamiodarone [LAB567]
Amiodarone level [LAB567]
Amitriptyline/nortriptyline level [LAB681]
AML/MDS gene panel [LAB7770]
AML/MDS gene panel, bone marrow [LAB7771]
AML/MDS gene panel, other [LAB7772]
AML-ETO, t(8;21), bone marrow [LAB4783]
AML-ETO, t(8;21), quantitative [LAB4784]
AML Sequencing [LAB7770]
Ammonia [LAB47]
Amniotic [LAB269]
Amphetamine screen, urine, no conf. [LAB5250]
Amphetamine screen, urine, w/ conf. [LAB5257]
Amylase [LAB48]
Amylase/lipase [LAB2594]
Amylase, body fluid [LAB178]
Amylase, Fluid (RedPath) [LAB6984]
Amylase iso. w/ reflex macroamylase [LAB4723]
Amylase, pancreatic cyst fluid [LAB6984]
Amylase, timed urine [LAB2313]
Amylase, urine, random [LAB358]
ANA, body fluid [LAB148]
ANA by IFA w/rflx to dsDNA, RNP, SM, SSA, and SSB Abs [LAB4155]
ANA IFA screen w/rflx titer and pattern, IFAIFA [LAB147]
Anaplasma phagocytophilum antibodies (IgG,IgM) [LAB3878]
ANCA screen, with reflex to titer [LAB2595]
Androstanediol glucuronide [LAB668]
Androstenedione [LAB518]
Angelman Syndrome (AS) [LAB2111]
Angelman syndrome methylation [LAB2111]
Angiotensin converting enzyme [LAB179]
Angiotensin converting enzyme, CSF [LAB180]
Angiotensin II level [LAB670]
Anterior eye culture [LAB943]
Anti-Adrenal Antibody [LAB4149]
Anti-Amoebic Antibody [LAB2928]
Anti-Beta 2 Glycoprotein 1 Ab, IgA [LAB4159]
Anti-Beta 2 Glycoprotein 1 Ab, IgM [LAB4161]
Anti-Beta 2 Glycoprotein Ab, IgG [LAB4160]
Antibody Screen [LAB278]
Antibody titer [LAB275]
Anti-Cardiolipin Ab, IgA [LAB1734]
Anti-Cardiolipin Ab, IgG [LAB1735]
Anti-Cardiolipin Ab, IgM [LAB1736]
Anti-Coccidioides Antibody [LAB791]
Antidiuretic Hormone [LAB1108]
Anti-DS DNA Antibody [LAB648]
Anti-E. Histolytica Antibody [LAB2928]
Anti-Echinococcus Antibody [LAB1234]
Anti-Endomysial Antibody [LAB4658]
Anti-HAV, IgM [LAB798]
Anti-HBc, IgM [LAB549]
Anti-HBc, total [LAB1242]
Anti-HBe [LAB796]
Anti-HBs [LAB472]
Anti-HCV [LAB868]
Anti-Histone Antibody [LAB3101]
Anti-Histoplasma Antibody [LAB795]
Anti-IgA for IgA deficiency [LAB4184]
Anti-IgE receptor Ab [LAB2609]
Anti-Intrinsic Factor Antibody [LAB857]
Anti-Jo-1 Antibody [LAB770]
Anti-Jo 1 antibody, IgG [LAB770]
Anti-Liver Kidney Microsome Ab [LAB3220]
Anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) [LAB4452]
Anti-Mycoplasma Ab, IgM [LAB799]
Anti-Mycoplasma pneumoniae, IgG [LAB656]
Anti-Myeloperoxidase Antibody [LAB3277]
Anti-Pertussis Antibody [LAB6664]
Anti-Platelet Antibody [LAB767]
Anti-PR3 Antibody [LAB3399]
Anti-Schistosomal Antibody [LAB1235]
Anti-Sm Antibody [LAB2001]
Anti-SS DNA Antibody [LAB2328]
Antithrombin III [LAB311]
Anti-Thyroglobulin Antibody [LAB3535]
Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase IgA [LAB723]
Anti-Toxocara Antibody [LAB1232]
Anti-Toxoplasma Antibody [LAB501]
Anti-Toxoplasma Antibody IgM [LAB659]
Anti-TPO [LAB858]
Anti-Trichinosis Antibody [LAB1268]
Anti-Xa Activity [LAB2614]
Anti-Xa activity, fondaparinux [LAB2613]
Anti-Xa activity, LMWH [LAB2614]
Anti-Xa activity, UFH [LAB2615]
Apolipoprotein A-1 [LAB2618]
Apolipoprotein B [LAB2619]
AQP [LAB6350]
AQP4 Devic Disease Devic's Antibody [LAB4224]
Aquaporin [LAB6350]
Aqueous fluid culture [LAB943]
ARA (Antireticulin Antibodies) [LAB773]
Arbovirus antibody panel, IgG and IgM, CSF [LAB6991]
Arbovirus antibody panel, IgG and IgM, serum [LAB6947]
Arginine vasopressin (AVP), antidiuretic hormone [LAB1108]
Arsenic [LAB2624]
Arsenic, fractionation, timed urine [LAB2316]
Arsenic, hair or nails [LAB2626]
Arthropod ID [LAB2627]
Arylamidase [LAB1044]
Arylsulfatase A, leukocytes [LAB2628]
Arylsulfatase A, timed urine [LAB2629]
Ascites [LAB269]
Ascorbic acid [LAB671]
Aspergillus antibodies [LAB784]
Aspergillus fumigatus mix gel diffusion [LAB2634]
Aspergillus galactomannan antigen [LAB1311]
Aspergillus galactomannan antigen, BAL [LAB7905]
Aspirate culture [LAB2880]
Aspirin [LAB34]
AST [LAB131]
Authorized test [LAB8626]
Autoimmune Epilepsy Eval (Athena Diag #5100) [LAB7674]
Autoimmune epilepsy evaluation [LAB7674]
Autosomal dominant Ataxia evaluation [LAB5914]
Autosomal Dominant Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Ep [LAB2105]
Autosomal recessive ataxia evaluation [LAB6789]
Autosomal Recessive Ataxia Evaluation #693 Athena [LAB6789]
AVP [LAB1108]


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B2GPA [LAB4159]
Babesia [LAB5842]
Babesia detection and quantitation [LAB5842]
Babesia microti Abs, IgG/IgM [LAB2646]
Babesia species, molecular detection, PCR [LAB7522]
Bacterial referral (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB4189]
Bactrim, Blood [LAB3516]
Banzel [LAB7306]
Barbiturate screen, urine, no conf. [LAB5243]
Bartonella henselae Ab, IgG and IgM [LAB2650]
Bartonella quintana AB, IgG and IgM by IFA [LAB2653]
Bartonella quintana antibody, IgG [LAB2654]
Basic metabolic panel [LAB15]
B cell gene rearrangement [LAB2636]
B cell gene rearrangement, bone marrow [LAB2637]
B cell gene rearrangement, CSF [LAB2638]
B cell gene rearrangement, other [LAB2639]
BCR-ABL [LAB2660 | LAB2661]
BCR-ABL1 for gleevec resistance [LAB2659]
BCR-ABL1 qualitative w/reflex to BCR-ABL1 quant, blood [LAB2660]
BCR-ABL1 qualitative w/reflex to BCR-ABL1 quant, bone marrow [LAB2661]
BCR-ABL1 quantitative, blood [LAB2657]
BCR-ABL1 quantitative, bone marrow [LAB2658]
BCR-ABL Quantitation [LAB2657 | LAB2658]
Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome (BWS) [LAB2124]
Beckwith - Wiedmann syndrome methylation [LAB2124]
Benadryl [LAB2893]
Benzene quantitation, whole blood [LAB6982]
Benzodiazepines, confirmation/quantitation, urine [LAB7605]
Benzodiazepines screen, urine, no conf. [LAB5242]
Benzol [LAB6982]
Berry Spot [LAB3271]
Beryllium [LAB7026]
Beryllium lymphocyte proliferation [LAB8788]
Beta-2 glycoprotein 1 Abs, IgG, IgA, IgM [LAB5671]
Beta-2 glycoprotein 1 antibody, IgA [LAB4159]
Beta-2 glycoprotein 1 antibody, IgG [LAB4160]
Beta-2 glycoprotein 1 antibody, IgM [LAB4161]
Beta-2 Glycoprotein Antibodies Screen [LAB5671]
Beta-2 microglobulin, serum [LAB49]
Beta-2 microglobulin, urine [LAB2666]
Beta 2 transferrin [LAB205]
Beta-galactosidase, leukocytes [LAB2667]
Beta globin (HBB) gene sequencing [LAB5835]
Beta-glucosidase, leukocytes [LAB5791]
Beta-glucuronidase, fibroblasts [LAB2668]
Beta-hydroxybutyrate [LAB2669]
Beta Pregnancy [LAB3037]
BGP [LAB1060]
BHCG [LAB3037]
Bicarbonate [LAB55]
Bile [LAB269]
Bile acids, fractionated and total [LAB2670]
Bilirubin, direct [LAB52]
Bilirubin, direct, fluid [LAB2677]
Bilirubin, total [LAB50]
Bilirubin, total and direct [LAB168]
Bilirubin, total and direct, fluid [LAB2678]
Bilirubin, total, fluid [LAB2679]
Biochemical integrated screen [LAB4164]
Biopsy culture [LAB6298]
Bioterrorism culture [LAB2680]
Biotin (vitamin B7) [LAB2681]
Biotin-amide amidohydrolase; Biotinidase, B [LAB958]
Biotinidase deficiency, known mutation [LAB5798]
Biotinidase full gene analysis [LAB2125]
Biotinidase level [LAB958]
BK virus by PCR, quantitative, plasma [LAB4935]
Blastomyces antibodies [LAB786]
Blood bank cultures (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB4120]
Blood Bank extra specimen [LAB286]
Blood culture [LAB462]
Blood gas, arterial [LAB76]
Blood gas, arterial, cord blood [LAB6537]
Blood gas, capillary [LAB78]
Blood gas, ECMO, postmembrane [LAB6539]
Blood gas, venous [LAB79]
Blood gas, venous, cord blood [LAB6536]
Blood gas, venous, mixed [LAB6538]
Blood parasites [LAB5842 | LAB5841]
Blood smear [LAB2688]
Blood smear MD interpretation [LAB2688]
Blood Urea Nitrogen [LAB140]
Body fluid cell count [LAB209 | LAB8997]
Body fluid cell count, WAM [LAB8995]
Body fluid culture [LAB269]
Bone culture [LAB2880]
Bone Gla Protein [LAB1060]
Bone Marrow [LAB673]
Bone marrow assistance [LAB9057]
Bone Marrow culture [LAB2880]
Bone marrow smear, aspiration, and stain [LAB673]
Bone Marrow Stain [LAB673]
Bordetella Pertussis Ab, Blood [LAB6664]
Bordetella pertussis Ab, IgG w/reflex [LAB6664]
Borrelia Burgdorferi VIsE1/pepC10 IgG/IgM, ELISA [LAB4977]
Borrelia hermsii Ab panel, IFA [LAB7711]
BR. 27.29, Blood [LAB853]
BRCA1 and BRCA2 Comprehensive Panel [LAB7231]
BRCAvantage, comprehensive [LAB7231]
Bronchoscopy culture [LAB3221]
Brucella species antibody [LAB221]
BSCL2 DNA sequencing test [LAB7645]
BTD Gene, Full Gene Analysis [LAB2125]
BTD Gene, Known Mutation [LAB5798]
Bullous pemphigoid (BP180) antibody [LAB5271]
Bullous pemphigoid BP230, IgG [LAB6232]
BUN [LAB140]
BUN/creatinine [LAB2703]
Bun/creatinine/eGFR [LAB2704]
Buprenorphine, quantitative, urine [LAB7837]
Buprenorphine screen [LAB9823]
Busulfan [LAB2706]


CReturn to [Top]
C. difficile assay [LAB7877]
C. trachomatis / N. gonorrhoeae, NAAT [LAB1376]
C1 esterase inhibitor, functional [LAB769]
C1 esterase inhibitor, protein [LAB2710]
C1Q complement component [LAB4635]
C1q complement function [LAB7340]
C1QFX [LAB7340]
C2 complement component [LAB4743]
C3 + C4 complement component [LAB5549]
C3 Antigen [LAB152]
C3 complement [LAB152]
C3d immune complex [LAB2715]
C3 nephritic factor [LAB2713]
C4 Antigen [LAB151]
C4 Binding, Blood [LAB2716]
C4 binding protein [LAB2716]
C4 complement [LAB151]
Ca [LAB53]
CA 125 [LAB155]
Cadmium, blood [LAB4296]
Cadmium, urine, random [LAB2719]
Caffeine level [LAB706]
CAH 21-Hydroxylase (CYP21) mut [LAB5420]
Calcitonin [LAB519]
Calcium [LAB53]
Calcium, fluid [LAB2723]
Calcium, ionized, whole blood [LAB2727]
Calcium, stool, random [LAB2728]
Calcium, timed urine [LAB2321]
Calcium, urine, random [LAB371]
Calprotectin, stool [LAB4079]
Campylobacter jejuni antibody [LAB1206]
Cancer antigen 15-3 [LAB776]
Cancer antigen 19-9 [LAB777]
Cancer antigen 27-29 [LAB853]
Candida albicans Abs, IgG, IgA, IgM [LAB3900]
Cannabinoids screen, urine, no conf. [LAB5247]
CAR autoantibody test [LAB2734]
Carbamazepine-10,11 epoxide [LAB5456]
Carbamazepine and metabolite, free/bound [LAB7035]
Carbamazepine level, total [LAB21]
Carbitrol [LAB21]
Carbohydrate deficient transferrin [LAB961]
Carbohydrate deficient transferrin (pediatric) [LAB7032]
Carboxyhemoglobin [LAB56]
Carcinoembryonic antigen, fluid [LAB2737]
Cardio IQ advanced lipid panel [LAB7696]
Cardiolipin Abs, IgA, IgG, IgM [LAB4030]
Cardiolipin antibody, IgA [LAB1734]
Cardiolipin antibody, IgG [LAB1735]
Cardiolipin antibody, IgM [LAB1736]
Carnitine (total, free, esterified) [LAB2739]
Carnitine, Plasma [LAB2739]
Carotene, serum [LAB702]
CASPR2 antibody test [LAB7672]
Catecholamines, fractionated, plasma [LAB870]
Catecholamines free fract. LC/MS/MS, timed urine [LAB7835]
Catheter tip culture [LAB2745]
Catheter urine culture [LAB239]
Cat scratch fever panel [LAB2741]
CBC [LAB293]
CBC and differential [LAB293]
CBC auto differential [LAB7767]
CBC with diff [LAB293]
CBC with no diff [LAB3679]
CBC with no differential [LAB3679]
CBC without differential [LAB3679]
CBFB/MYH11-IN16 [LAB2130]
CBFB/MYH11-IN16 bone marrow [LAB2131]
CCND1 [LAB2144 | LAB2145 | LAB2146]
CCP [LAB851]
CD34 stem cell panel, flow cytometry [LAB2752]
CDKL5 sequencing analysis [LAB6776]
CEA, pancreatic cyst fluid [LAB6881]
CEBPA mutation detection, bone marrow [LAB6632]
CEBPA mutation detection, bone marrow/blood [LAB6631]
Celiac disease genotyping [LAB7906]
Celiac disease reflexive panel [LAB5837]
Celiac serology [LAB5838]
Cell count CSF with diff [LAB9021]
Celontin [LAB1056]
Centromere antibody, IgG [LAB2761]
Ceruloplasmin [LAB703]
Cervix culture [LAB3002]
Chagas Antibody IgG [LAB6700]
Chem8, iSTAT [LAB7059]
Chikungunya antibodies, rflx to titer [LAB2778]
Chlamydia/GC Probe [LAB1376]
Chlamydia DNA probe, eye [LAB5188]
Chlamydia trachomatis Abs (IgG, A,M) [LAB4187]
Chlamydia trachomatis, DNA, NAAT [LAB260]
Chlamydia trachomatis, NAAT (Ocular source) [LAB5188]
Chlamydophila pneumoniae Abs, IgG,IgA,IgM [LAB2784]
Chlamydophila psittaci Ab (IgG, IgA, IgM) [LAB2785]
Chloride [LAB59]
Chloride, body fluid [LAB183]
Chloride, CSF [LAB2787]
Chloride, stool, random [LAB2788]
Chloride, timed urine w/creatinine [LAB2322]
Chloride, urine, random [LAB374]
Cholesterol, total [LAB60]
Cholinesterase, RBC, ratio to hemoglobin [LAB7606]
Cholinesterase, serum [LAB2789]
Chromatin (nucleosomal) antibody [LAB2790]
Chromium level [LAB967]
Chromium, timed urine [LAB7615]
Chromium, whole blood [LAB5789]
Chromogranin A [LAB2792]
Chromosome Analysis [LAB6977]
Chromosome analysis, Fanconi breakage [LAB6977]
Chymotrypsin, stool [LAB4638]
Cipro resistant GNR rectal screen [LAB7009]
Citrate, timed urine [LAB2323]
Citric acid, urine, random [LAB2796]
CK [LAB62]
CKIT [LAB2194]
CK Total [LAB62]
Clean catch urine culture [LAB239]
Clinical Pathology interpretation [LAB2688]
Clobazam (urbanyl) [LAB6397]
Clomipramine [LAB2798]
Clonazepam level [LAB466]
Clonopin [LAB466]
Clorazepate [LAB2801]
Clostridium difficile Assay [LAB7877]
CMT advanced evaluation-axonal [LAB6994]
CMT Advanced Evaluation-Axonal (#4008 Athena Diag) [LAB6994]
CMT advanced evaluation, comprehensive [LAB5912]
CMV Antibody, IgG [LAB467]
CMV Antibody, IgM [LAB861]
CMV Viral Load [LAB913]
CO2, total [LAB55]
Coagulation Factor II [LAB834]
Coagulation profile (LMW) [LAB9153]
Cobalt, whole blood [LAB5790]
COB PCOS panel [LAB7437]
Cocaine screen, urine, no conf. [LAB5248]
Cocaine screen, urine, w/ conf. [LAB5255]
Coccidioides antibodies [LAB791]
Coenzyme Q-10, reduced and total [LAB2814]
Cold agglutinins [LAB2325]
Collagen type I C-telopeptide (CTx) [LAB2816]
ColoVantage (methylated septin 9) [LAB6502]
Combined pituitary hormone deficiency evaluation [LAB4805]
Common Mitochondrial Disorders Eval (Athena Diag #575) [LAB7641]
Common mitochondrial disorders evaluation [LAB7641]
Comp. hereditary spastic paraplegia eval [LAB6790]
Comp. Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Eval (Athena D #655) [LAB6790]
Complement component 5 function [LAB2823]
Complement component 6 level [LAB2826]
Complement component 7 function [LAB2819]
Complement component 8 function [LAB2828]
Complement component 8 level [LAB2829]
Complement total, CH50 [LAB4637]
Complete alport syndrome evaluation [LAB4790]
Complete ataxia evaluation [LAB6760]
Complete ataxia telangiectasia (ATM) evaluation [LAB7379]
Complete ATM Evaluation Athena Diag #353 [LAB7379]
Complete blood cell count [LAB293]
Complete DMD evaluation - females [LAB6762]
Complete DMD Evaluation - Females #182 [LAB6762]
Complete DMD evaluation - males [LAB6763]
Complete DMD Evaluation - Males #181 [LAB6763]
Complete dopa-responsive dysonia eval [LAB6958]
Complete Dopa-Responsive Dystonia (DYT5) Eval (#629 Athena Diag) [LAB6958]
Complete HNPP evaluation [LAB6976]
Complete HNPP Evaluation (#243 Athena Diagnostics) [LAB6976]
Complete Parkinsonism evaluation [LAB6966]
Complete Parkinsonism Evaluation (#588 Athena Diag) [LAB6966]
Complete tuberous sclerosis evaluation [LAB4884]
Comprehensive metabolic panel [LAB17]
Congenital hyperinsulinism evaluation [LAB4803]
Conjunctiva culture [LAB943]
Copper, liver tissue [LAB2]
Copper, RBC [LAB4646]
Copper, serum [LAB817]
Copper, serum free (direct) [LAB2833]
Copper, timed urine [LAB4624]
Cord blood type and Rh [LAB280]
Cord pH and BE [LAB4852]
Cornea culture [LAB943]
Corticosteroid binding globulin [LAB1101]
Corticotropin releasing hormone [LAB2835]
Cortisol [LAB61]
Cortisol, free, LC/MS/MS [LAB5827]
Cortisol free, timed urine w/creatinine [LAB2838]
Cortisol, saliva, LC/MS/MS [LAB3985]
Cortisol, total, LCMSMS [LAB2841]
Coumadin [LAB3651]
Coxiella burnetii Ab IgG, phase I and II [LAB4233]
Coxsackie B virus antibodies [LAB2844]
C-peptide [LAB521]
C-Peptide, timed urine [LAB4891]
C-reactive protein (CRP) [LAB149]
Creatine disorders panel, urine, random [LAB2846]
Creatinine/EGFR [LAB2851]
Creatinine, body fluid [LAB65]
Creatinine clearance [LAB383]
Creatinine clearance (w/o height and weight) [LAB2850]
Creatinine, serum [LAB66]
Creatinine, timed urine [LAB2326]
Creatinine, urine, random [LAB384]
Creatinine, whole blood [LAB6533]
Cryofibrinogen [LAB569]
Cryoglobulin [LAB713]
Cryptococcal antigen w/rfl to titer [LAB7316]
Cryptococcus antibody [LAB1210]
Cryptosporidium antigen, stool [LAB907]
CSF culture [LAB268]
CSF MD interpretation (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB7855]
CSF Protein [LAB195]
CU (chronic urticaria) index [LAB2858]
Cyanide level [LAB972]
Cyclic citrul peptide antibody, IgG [LAB851]
Cyclin D1 [LAB2144]
Cyclin D1, bone marrow [LAB2145]
Cyclin D1, other [LAB2146]
Cyclospora / isospora stain [LAB3189]
Cyclosporin level [LAB874]
CYP7B1 (SPG5A) DNA sequencing test [LAB6969]
CYP7B1 (SPG5A) DNA Sequencing Test (#612 Athena Diag) [LAB6969]
Cystatin C [LAB4142]
Cyst culture [LAB2880]
Cystericercus antibody, IgG [LAB1082]
Cystic fibrosis 3199del6 [LAB2147]
Cystic fibrosis 60 variants-neonate screen [LAB2149]
Cystinuria panel [LAB2864]
Cystoscopy Urine culture [LAB239]
Cytochemical Stain [LAB3495]
Cytochrome p450 2C19 genotype [LAB4647]
Cytology consults [LAB3664]
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) genotype [LAB4926]
Cytomegalovirus antibody, IgG [LAB467]
Cytomegalovirus antibody, IgG avidity (Lab Approval required) [LAB8722]
Cytomegalovirus antibody, IgM [LAB861]
Cytomegalovirus antiviral resistance (Lab Approval Required) [LAB8724]
Cytomegalovirus antiviral resistance by sequencing [LAB8731]
Cytomegalovirus by PCR [LAB8465]
Cytomegalovirus by PCR (Neonatal ONLY) [LAB8885]
Cytomegalovirus by PCR, CSF [LAB2869]
Cytomegalovirus DNA PCR, Quantitative [LAB913]
Cytomegalovirus IgG avidity [LAB2805]
Cytomegalovirus IgG, IgM [LAB4084]
Cytomegalovirus quantitative PCR, plasma [LAB913]


DReturn to [Top]
D-dimer, quantitative [LAB313]
Deamidated gliadin peptide Ab, IgA [LAB6005]
Deamidated gliadin peptide Ab, IgG [LAB6006]
Deamidated gliadin peptide Abs, IgA and IgG [LAB725]
Decubitus culture [LAB2880]
Deep wound culture [LAB2880]
Dehydroepiandrosterone [LAB522]
Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate [LAB2884]
Delta Aminolevulinic acid (ALA), timed urine [LAB4153]
Dengue fever virus IgG and IgM, serum [LAB2887]
Depakene [LAB24]
Depakote [LAB24]
Desipramine level [LAB682]
Desyrel [LAB3574]
Devic's Antibody [LAB6350]
Dexamethasone [LAB5270]
DHEAS [LAB524 | LAB2884]
DHEA-sulfate [LAB524]
Dialysis [LAB269]
Diazepam and nordiazepam [LAB2890]
DIC profile (LMW) [LAB9155]
Differential manual [LAB2892]
Digoxin level [LAB23]
Dilantin [LAB31]
Diphenadril [LAB2893]
Diphenhydramine [LAB2893]
Diphenylhydantoin [LAB31]
Diphtheria antitoxoid Ab [LAB4652]
Direct antiglobulin test [LAB274]
Direct coombs test [LAB274]
Direct coombs cord blood [LAB8104]
Disopyramide level [LAB1393]
D-Lactate [LAB6276]
D-Lactate, urine [LAB6277]
DM1 DNA test [LAB5985]
DNA antibody, double-stranded [LAB648]
DNase B antibody [LAB220]
Dominant CMT evaluation [LAB6761]
Donor media culture [LAB943]
Donor ring culture [LAB943]
Doxepin level [LAB146]
Drain culture [LAB2880]
Drug-dependent platelet antibody [LAB4810]
Drugs of abuse panel, urine, no conf. [LAB5262]
Drugs of abuse panel, urine, w/ conf. [LAB5267]
dRVVT [LAB319]
dsDNA antibody, IgG with IFA confirmation [LAB2904]
dsDNA by crithidia [LAB2905]
d-Xylose [LAB2906]
D-Xylose, Timed Urine [LAB2907]
d-Xylose, urine, 5 hour [LAB2907]
Dystonia (DYT1) DNA test [LAB6768]
Dystonia (DYT1) DNA Test #626 (Athena Diag) [LAB6768]


EReturn to [Top]
Ear culture [LAB942]
Early onset myotonia evaluation [LAB7571]
EBV Antibody Panel, Acute Infection [LAB2941]
EBV Antibody Panel, Immune Status [LAB2946]
EBV PCR, Quantitative [LAB5792]
EBV Viral Load [LAB5792]
Echinococcus antibody, IgG [LAB1234]
Egg component panel (Q) [LAB7225]
Ehrlichia [LAB2917]
Ehrlichia and Anaplasma species by RT-PCR [LAB8671]
Ehrlichia antibody panel [LAB794]
Ehrlichia chaffeensis antibody, IgG [LAB2915]
Ehrlichia chaffeensis antibody, IgM [LAB2916]
Ehrlichia smear [LAB2917]
Elavil [LAB681]
Electrolyte panel [LAB16]
Electrolyte panel, timed urine [LAB2919]
Electrolyte panel, urine, random [LAB2920]
Electrolytes, stool [LAB388]
Endomysial antibody IgA [LAB4658]
Engraftment [LAB2160 | LAB2161]
Engraftment/chimerism post - blood specific [LAB2160]
Engraftment/chimerism post, bone marrow [LAB2161]
Engraftment/chimerism pre donor [LAB2162]
Engraftment/chimerism pre recipient [LAB2163]
Engraftment Stem Cell Transplant [LAB2163]
Entamoeba histolytica antibody, IgG [LAB2928]
Enterovirus and parechovirus RT-PCR panel [LAB8503]
Enterovirus and parechovirus RT-PCR panel, CSF [LAB6701]
Enterovirus by RT-PCR [LAB8463]
Enterovirus by RT-PCR, CSF [LAB2932]
Enterovirus RNA, CSF [LAB2932]
Environmental culture (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB2937]
Eosinophil nasal smear [LAB3485]
Eosinophils, Qualitative [LAB2938]
Eosinophils, urine [LAB2938]
Epidemiology investigational culture (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB8889]
Epiglottis culture [LAB3594]
Epilepsy associated w/ fever in females evaluation [LAB7570]
Epstein-Barr virus Ab panel, acute [LAB2941]
Epstein Barr virus by PCR [LAB2940]
Epstein-Barr virus by PCR, CSF [LAB2943]
Epstein Barr Virus DNA PCR, Qualitative, CSF [LAB2943]
Epstein-Barr virus panel, immune status [LAB2946]
Epstein-Barr virus, quant. PCR, plasma [LAB5792]
Erythrocyte enzyme evaluation [LAB2948]
Erythropoietin [LAB873]
Estradiol [LAB523]
Estradiol, free, LC/MS/MS [LAB6283]
Estriol, LC/MS/MS, serum [LAB5403]
Estrogens, total [LAB981]
Ethanol [LAB46 | LAB2407]
Ethanol, urine [LAB6524]
Ethosuximide level [LAB683]
Ethotoin [LAB2953]
Ethylene glycol [LAB714]
Everolimus, blood [LAB6983]
External ear culture [LAB942]
Extractable nuclear antigen Abs group [LAB3748]
Extra tubes careset [LAB5414]
Eye culture [LAB943]


FReturn to [Top]
Fabry disease, full gene analysis [LAB2164]
Factor H level [LAB2963]
Factor II assay [LAB303]
Factor I level [LAB2964]
Factor IX assay [LAB308]
Factor V assay [LAB304]
Factor VII assay [LAB305]
Factor VIII Antigen [LAB757]
Factor VIII assay [LAB306]
Factor VIII chromogenic [LAB6270]
Factor V Leiden (for hypercoag eval) [LAB346]
Factor X assay [LAB758]
Factor XI assay [LAB309]
Factor XII assay [LAB310]
Factor XIII activity [LAB1113]
Familial DNA sequence evaluation [LAB7568]
Familial hemiplegic migraine [LAB7372]
Familial hemiplegic migraine III [LAB6965]
Familial Hemiplegic Migraine Type 1 (CACNA1A) Athena #187 [LAB7372]
Fanconi anemia, chromosome DEB assay [LAB2167]
Fat, stool, random, semi-quantitative [LAB2965]
Fat, timed stool, quantitative [LAB5532]
Fatty acid profile, essential (C12-C22) [LAB2967]
Fatty Acid Profile Peroxisomal, S GC/MS [LAB2967]
Fatty acids profile, peroxisomal [LAB988]
Fecal Fat [LAB5532]
Fecal leukocytes [LAB265]
Fecal Occult Blood [LAB694]
Felbamate level [LAB686]
Felbatol [LAB686]
Female health panel, Self pay [LAB6544]
Fentanyl Screen [LAB393]
FEP [LAB1085]
Ferritin [LAB68]
Fetal fibronectin [LAB287]
Fetal hemoglobin, flow cytometry [LAB2970]
Fetal maternal hemorrhage (rosette) [LAB2971]
Fetal Red Cell Stain [LAB2970]
FFN [LAB287]
Fibrinogen [LAB314]
First trimester screen [LAB4055]
FK-506 [LAB876]
Flecainide level [LAB687]
Flow cytometry - B-cell CD20 expression, blood [LAB8681]
Flow cytometry - brochioalveolar lavage with CD4/CD8 ratio [LAB8678]
Flow cytometry - CTCL, blood [LAB8901]
Flow cytometry - immunodeficiency, blood [LAB8676]
Flow cytometry - leukemia/lymphoma/neoplasia, blood [LAB7989]
Flow cytometry - leukemia/lymphoma/neoplasia, bone marrow [LAB8675]
Flow cytometry - leukemia/lymphoma/neoplasia, tissue/fluid [LAB8902]
Flow cytometry - PNH, blood [LAB8677]
Flow cytometry - T and B cell subsets, blood [LAB8680]
Flow cytometry - V-beta analysis (T-cell clonality), blood [LAB8679]
FLT3-ITD/FLT3-D835, blood [LAB2174]
FLT3-ITD/FLT3-D835, bone marrow [LAB2173]
Flu/RSV RT-PCR (Labor and delivery), nasopharynx [LAB8936]
Fluid Hct [LAB202]
Fluid MD interpretation (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB6278]
Fluorescent Treponemal Antibodies, CSF [LAB3575]
Fluoxetine and metabolite [LAB2981]
Folate [LAB69]
Folate RBC [LAB70]
Folate, Serum [LAB69]
Foley Catheter urine culture [LAB239]
Follicle stimulating hormone [LAB86]
Food panel extensive without peanut [LAB2986]
Fragmin [LAB2614]
Francisella tularensis Abs, IgG and IgM [LAB8665]
Free Dilantin [LAB176]
Free Erythrocyte [LAB1085]
Free kappa lambda with ratio, serum [LAB3869]
Free T4 [LAB127]
Free Thyroxin [LAB127]
Friedreich's ataxia profile [LAB4815]
Frontotemporal Dementia Eval (Athena Diag # 281) [LAB7640]
Frontotemporal dementia evaluation [LAB7640]
Fructosamine [LAB1013]
Fructose, semen [LAB992]
FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), pediatrics [LAB3925]
FSH/LH, pediatrics [LAB6374]
FSHD DNA test [LAB4819]
Fungal culture [LAB240]
Fungal culture, blood [LAB242]
Fungal culture, skin/hair/nails [LAB3798]
Fungitell(R) (1-3)-B-D-glucan assay [LAB6253]


GReturn to [Top]
G6PD [LAB571]
Gabapentin [LAB470]
Gabapentin level [LAB470]
GAD65 Ab assay, CSF [LAB6686]
Galactokinase, blood [LAB993]
Gamma GT [LAB85]
Ganciclovir [LAB3000]
Ganglioside antibody panel 6 [LAB8792]
Ganglioside Asialo-GM-1 Ab, IgG [LAB7839]
Ganglioside Asialo-GM-1 Ab, IgM [LAB7840]
Ganglioside GD1a Ab, IgG [LAB7838]
Ganglioside GD1b Ab, IgG [LAB5896]
Ganglioside GM 1 Abs, IgG, IgM [LAB6259]
Ganglioside GQ1b Ab, IgG [LAB7024]
Gastric parietal cell antibody w/rflx titer [LAB4193]
Gastrin [LAB80]
GEM 4000 Blood gas, arterial (POC) [LAB8933]
GEM 4000 Blood gas, mixed venous (POC) [LAB8935]
GEM 4000 Blood gas, venous (POC) [LAB8934]
Genetic screen, urine, random [LAB3001]
Genital culture [LAB3002]
Gentamicin, CSF [LAB3007]
Gentamicin level, peak [LAB28]
Gentamicin level, random [LAB27]
Gentamicin level, trough [LAB26]
GH [LAB525]
Giardia/cryptosporidium antigen [LAB3008]
Giardia antibody (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB4194]
Giardia antigen [LAB259]
Giardia lamblia Ab [LAB4194]
Glomerular basement membrane Ab, IgG [LAB4065]
Glucagon [LAB1005]
Glucose [LAB3010 | LAB3011]
Glucose, 2 hour postprandial [LAB3018]
Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase [LAB571]
Glucose, body fluid [LAB186]
Glucose, CSF [LAB185]
Glucose, fasting [LAB81]
Glucose screen, 1 hour gestational [LAB879]
Glucose, timed urine [LAB6526]
Glucose tolerance, 2 hours [LAB169]
Glucose tolerance, 3 hour gestational [LAB164]
Glucose tolerance, 4 hours [LAB165]
Glucose tolerance, 5 hours [LAB167]
Glucose tolerance, 6 hours [LAB2331]
Glucose tolerance test, 2 hour w/ insulin [LAB5973]
Glucose, urine, random [LAB3019]
Glucose, whole blood [LAB6528]
Glucuronidase, Beta [LAB2668]
Glutamate Receptor Antibodies [LAB6673]
Glutamate Receptor Antibodies in CSF [LAB6674]
Glutamic acid decarboxylase Ab [LAB650]
Glycogen storage disease type II [LAB7909]
Glycosaminoglycans GAGS [LAB3271]
Glycosaminoglycans, urine, random [LAB4822]
Glycosylated Hgb Level [LAB90]
Gonorrhoeae culture [LAB235]
Gram stain (L Q) [LAB250]
Group B Strep PCR [LAB3025]
Group B strep PCR (Pen allergic) [LAB3025]
Group B strep PCR (Pen non-allergic) [LAB5809]
Growth hormone [LAB525]
Growth hormone releasing hormone [LAB3027]
GTT 1 hour [LAB7796]
GTT fasting [LAB7795]


HReturn to [Top]
H & H [LAB753]
H. pylori antibody, IgA [LAB157]
H. pylori antigen, stool [LAB6446]
H. pylori breath test [LAB572]
HADHA del/dup targeted exonic microarray [LAB7907]
Haemophilus influenzae B Ab, IgG [LAB1237]
Haldol [LAB191]
Haloperidol level [LAB191]
H and H [LAB753]
Haptoglobin [LAB89]
Hardware [LAB3284]
Hardware or device cultures [LAB3284]
HBeAg [LAB908]
HBsAg [LAB471]
HBV serology panel [LAB3061]
hCG, quantitative [LAB3037]
hCG, total, CSF [LAB3042]
HCG, urine [LAB6522]
hCG, whole blood beta (POC) [LAB8841]
HCV genosure, NS3/4A prot. inhib. resist [LAB5988]
HCV Genosure NS3/4A resistance (Lab approval required) [LAB8542]
HCV genotype [LAB915]
HCV Quantitative PCR, Serum [LAB887]
HDL cholesterol [LAB101]
HE4, ovarian cancer monitoring [LAB4828]
Heavy metals screen [LAB1019]
Heavy metals screen, urine [LAB398]
Hematocrit [LAB289]
Hematocrit, body fluid [LAB202]
Hematocrit, whole blood [LAB6529]
Hematopoietic progenitor cells, apheresis [LAB6266]
Hemochromatosis Genetic Mutation [LAB833]
Hemochromatosis Genetic Testing [LAB833]
Hemochromatosis mutation [LAB833]
Hemoglobin A1c [LAB90]
Hemoglobin and hematocrit, blood [LAB753]
Hemoglobin Electrophoresis [LAB288]
Hemoglobin electrophoresis (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB3053]
Hemoglobin EP [LAB288]
Hemoglobinopathy evaluation [LAB288]
Hemoglobin, plasma free [LAB6269]
Hemoglobin screen MD interpretation (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB6829]
Hemoglobin, whole blood [LAB6530]
Hemorrhagic E. coli 0157 [LAB6439]
Heparin-PF4 antibody (HIT) w/reflex to SRA [LAB7878]
Hepatic function panel [LAB20]
Hepatitis A antibody, IgG [LAB7119]
Hepatitis A antibody, IgM [LAB798]
Hepatitis, Acute Viral Panel [LAB551]
Hepatitis B core antibody, IgM [LAB549]
Hepatitis B core antibody, total [LAB1242]
Hepatitis B Drug Resistance Panel [LAB3060]
Hepatitis Be antibody [LAB796]
Hepatitis Be antigen [LAB908]
Hepatitis B surface antibody [LAB472]
Hepatitis B surface antigen [LAB471]
Hepatitis B virus by PCR, quant. [LAB3062]
Hepatitis B Virus DNA PCR [LAB3062]
Hepatitis B Virus DNA PCR, Quantitative [LAB3062]
Hepatitis B virus genotype [LAB3060]
Hepatitis B virus panel [LAB3061]
Hepatitis C antibody [LAB868]
Hepatitis C genotype [LAB915]
Hepatitis, Chronic Viral Panel [LAB3066]
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) Fibrosure [LAB7716]
Hepatitis C virus by RT-PCR, quantitative [LAB887]
Hepatitis C virus genotype [LAB915]
Hepatitis C virus NS3/4A [LAB5988]
Hepatitis E antibody, IgG [LAB3064]
Hepatitis E antibody, IgM [LAB3065]
Hepatitis panel [LAB4127]
Hepatitis panel, acute [LAB551]
Hepatitis virus panel, chronic [LAB3066]
Herpes simplex (HSV) antibody, IgM [LAB4197]
Herpes simplex 1 and 2 antibodies, IgG [LAB3791]
Herpes simplex virus 1/2 by PCR [LAB8505]
Herpes simplex virus 1/2 culture [LAB8506]
Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 direct PCR, swab [LAB8623]
Herpes simplex virus by PCR, CSF [LAB3075]
Heterophile antibody (monospot) [LAB3093]
HEV Serology [LAB3064 | LAB3065]
Hexosaminidase, A and total [LAB3095]
Hgb Screen [LAB288]
HHT deletion/duplication familial [LAB2181]
HHT deletion/duplication screen [LAB2182]
HHV-6 Viral Load [LAB1346]
HHV-8 DNA PCR (Lab Approval Required) [LAB8726]
Hippuric acid, urine [LAB7027]
Histamine [LAB1033]
Histamine, timed urine [LAB3099]
Histone antibody, IgG [LAB3101]
Histoplasma antibodies [LAB795]
HIV 1/2 antibodies, rapid (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB3515]
HIV-1/HIV-2 antibody/antigen screen w/reflex [LAB8454]
HIV-1 by RT-PCR, quantitative [LAB919]
HIV-1, genotype [LAB3113]
HIV-1 integrase inhibitor resistance by sequencing [LAB5745]
HIV-1 phenosense entry [LAB5746]
HIV-1 Phenosense entry (Lab Approval Required) [LAB8728]
HIV-1 Phenotype comprehensive [LAB8735]
HIV-1 Phenotype comprehensive (Lab Approval Required) [LAB8729]
HIV-1 quantitative RT-PCR, CSF [LAB4830]
HIV-1 sequencing for drug resistance [LAB3113]
HIV-1 Trofile co-receptor tropism [LAB8734]
HIV-1 Trofile co-receptor tropism (Lab Approval Required) [LAB8727]
HIV integrase inhibitor resistance (Lab Approval Required) [LAB8730]
HIV phenosense GT [LAB9042]
HIV Viral Load [LAB919]
HLA-ABC type (high resolution) [LAB8040]
HLA-ABC type (low resolution) [LAB8041]
HLA antibody [LAB8101]
HLA-B*5701 genotyping [LAB4832]
HLA B27, flow cytometry [LAB3115]
HLA Celiac Disease Testing [LAB7906]
HLA-DQ2, HLA-DQ8 [LAB7906]
HLA-DR type (high resolution) [LAB8042]
HLA-DR type (low resolution) [LAB8043]
Homocysteine [LAB2333]
Homocysteine Genetic Mutation (MTHFR) [LAB739]
Homovanillic acid (HVA), timed urine [LAB3120]
Homovanillic acid (HVA), urine, random [LAB3121]
Hood Sterility [LAB2937]
HPeV [LAB6181]
HSV-1 and HSV-2 Antibodies, IgG [LAB3791]
HTLV I/II Antibody, IgG [LAB3127]
HTLV I and II DNA PCR (Lab Approval Required) [LAB8725]
HTLV types I and II antibodies [LAB3127]
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Quant. [LAB3037]
Human Epididymis Protein 4 [LAB4828]
Human Herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) antibodies, IgG, IgM [LAB4672]
Human Herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) antibody, IgG [LAB3090]
Human Herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) antibody, IgM [LAB3091]
Human herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) by PCR [LAB8466]
Human Herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) by PCR, CSF [LAB3098]
Human herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) by PCR, quantitative [LAB1346]
Human herpes virus type 6 antibody, IgG [LAB3090]
Human herpes virus type 6 antibody, IgM [LAB3091]
Human herpesvirus type 6 PCR, Quantitative [LAB1346]
Human metapneumovirus DFA [LAB8507]
Human metapneumovirus PCR [LAB8508]
Human Placental Lactogen [LAB1041]
Human T Cell Leukemia/lymphoma Virus I & II [LAB3127]
Huntington disease mutation analysis [LAB2254]
HVA, Spot Urine, Pediatric [LAB3121]
Hydroxycorticoids, 17, Timed Urine [LAB2300]
Hypercoagulable panel [LAB3137]
Hyper Mutation [LAB7836]
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis FEIA panel 1 [LAB6867]
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis FEIA panel 2 [LAB6868]


IReturn to [Top]
IA-2 antibody [LAB5233]
IFE [LAB4020]
IGF-1, insulin-like growth factor 1 [LAB3145]
IGF-2, insulin like growth factor 2 [LAB3785]
IGF binding protein-1 [LAB3143]
IGF binding protein 2 [LAB3142]
IGF binding protein-3 [LAB3144]
IGFBP-1 [LAB3143]
IGF BP2 [LAB3142]
IGFBP-3 [LAB3144]
IgG/albumin ratio, CSF [LAB3147]
IgG desmoglein 1 and 3 [LAB4811]
IgH Gene Rearrangement [LAB2636 | LAB2637 | LAB2638 | LAB2639]
IgHV mutation analysis by sequencing [LAB7836]
IL-1 Beta,CYTOKINE [LAB6429]
IL28B associated variant [LAB3729]
Ileal Conduit Urine culture [LAB239]
Imipramine/Desipramine, Blood [LAB684]
Imipramine level [LAB684]
Immune cell function [LAB6758]
Immunofixation electrophoresis, serum [LAB4020]
Immunofixation electrophoresis, timed urine [LAB3155]
Immunofixation electrophoresis, urine, random [LAB3154]
Immunoglobulin A [LAB73]
Immunoglobulin A subclasses (1 and 2) [LAB3157]
Immunoglobulin D [LAB3158]
Immunoglobulin E [LAB74]
Immunoglobulin G [LAB71]
Immunoglobulin G, CSF [LAB7062]
Immunoglobulin IgG Subclasses [LAB2334]
Immunoglobulin M [LAB72]
Immunoglobulin M, CSF [LAB3159]
Immunoglobulin Subclass IgG 4 [LAB5394]
Immunoreactive trypsinogen assay [LAB3164]
Inderal [LAB1396]
Indoor screen [LAB3165]
Infant Formula [LAB2937]
Infliximab activity and neutralizing Ab [LAB7154]
Influenza A/B by RT-PCR [LAB8467]
Influenza A/B, rapid antigens [LAB924]
Influenza Antigen, Rapid [LAB924]
Inhibin A [LAB3176]
Inhibin B [LAB4332]
Inhibitor assay [LAB3177]
INR [LAB320]
INR/ Prothrombin Time [LAB320]
Insulin, 1 hour post-glucose load [LAB5986]
Insulin Ab [LAB5003]
Insulin autoantibodies [LAB5003]
Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 1 [LAB3143]
Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 [LAB3144]
Insulin, total [LAB527]
Integrated screen [LAB4200]
Interferon-alpha (serum), EIA [LAB3179]
Interferron-Gamma Release Assay for TB [LAB3414]
Interleukin 10 [LAB4836]
Interleukin 1-beta [LAB6429]
Interleukin-28B [LAB3729]
Interleukin 2 receptor [LAB4198]
Interleukin-6 [LAB332]
Internal ear culture [LAB942]
International Normalized Ratio [LAB320]
Intrauterine Device [LAB3284]
Intrinsic factor blocking antibody [LAB857]
Iodide [LAB3181]
Iodine [LAB3181]
Iodine, urine, random [LAB6699]
Ionized calcium, serum [LAB2726]
Ionized calcium, whole blood [LAB6534]
Iron [LAB94]
Iron and TIBC [LAB829]
Iron, liver tissue [LAB3]
Iron, timed urine [LAB3184]
Islet Cell 512 Ab [LAB5233]
Islet Cell Antibodies [LAB5233]
Isopropanol solubility (unstable Hgb) [LAB3188]
ITK full mutation analysis [LAB6614]


JReturn to [Top]
JAK2 (V617F) Mutation [LAB2188]
JAK2 Exon 12 and other non-V617F mutations [LAB6679]
JAK2 Exon 12 and other non-V617F mut, marrow [LAB6680]
JAK2 exon 12 mutation analysis, bone marrow/blood [LAB8538]
JAK2 gene V617F mutation, quant. [LAB8667]
JAK2 V617F mutation, qualitative [LAB2188]
JAK2 V617F mutation, qualitative bone marrow [LAB2189]
JC virus by PCR [LAB8412]
JC virus by PCR, CSF [LAB4073]
Joint [LAB269]


KReturn to [Top]
K [LAB114]
KCNQ2 DNA sequencing [LAB6785]
KCNQ2 DNA Sequencing #545 Athena [LAB6785]
Kennedy's Disease [LAB2216]
KIF5A (SPG10) DNA sequencing test [LAB6961]
KIT (D816V) mutation by PCR [LAB2194]
Kit mutations in AML [LAB6628]
Kit mutations in AML, bone marrow [LAB6629]
Kleihauer-Betke Stain (Blood) [LAB2970]


LReturn to [Top]
LabCorp miscellaneous test [LAB9115]
Lacosamide [LAB5457]
Lactate [LAB95]
Lactate dehydrogenase [LAB96]
Lactate dehydrogenase (LD), CSF [LAB3201]
Lactate dehydrogenase, body fluid [LAB188]
Lactate dehydrogenase, isoenzymes [LAB97]
Lactic acid/pyruvic acid [LAB3202]
Lactic acid, CSF [LAB187]
Lactic acid, plasma [LAB95]
Lactic acid, whole blood [LAB6535]
Ladd syndrome (FGF10, FGFR2, FGFR3) sequencing [LAB7723]
Ladd Syndrome Ctr for Human Genetics [LAB7723]
Lamictal [LAB475]
Lamotrigine level [LAB475]
Lanoxin [LAB23]
LCHAD Del/Dup [LAB7907]
LCMV antibodies, IgG and IgM, CSF [LAB8453]
LCMV antibodies, IgG and IgM, serum [LAB3205]
LD [LAB96]
LD, CSF [LAB3201]
LDL cholesterol, direct [LAB102]
Lead, blood [LAB98]
Lead, Venous Blood [LAB98]
Legionella and S. pneumoniae antigen, urine [LAB4117]
Legionella culture [LAB902]
Legionella pneumophila Ab (Type 1), IgG [LAB7011]
Legionella pneumophila antigen, urine [LAB5020]
Leishmania antibody, IgG [LAB1248]
Leptin [LAB4676]
Leptospira Ab screen w/rflx titer [LAB4908]
Leucine aminopeptidase (LAP) [LAB1044]
Leukocyte enzyme assay for VLCAD [LAB7370]
Levetiracetam level [LAB477]
Levetiracetam Rapid Level [LAB9628]
Lewis B antigen typing [LAB8880]
LFT's [LAB3218]
LGI1 antibody test [LAB7680]
LGI1 IGG [LAB7680]
LH [LAB87]
LH and FSH [LAB3210]
LH, pediatrics [LAB3927]
Lidocaine level [LAB685]
Limb girdle muscular dystrophy evaluation [LAB4839]
Lipase [LAB99]
Lipase, body fluid [LAB3212]
Lipid analysis, fluid [LAB3214]
Lipid-Associated Sialic Acid [LAB1092]
Lipid associated sialic acid (LASA) [LAB1092]
Lipid panel [LAB18]
Lipoprotein A (LPA) [LAB563]
Lipoprotein metabolism profile (Mayo) [LAB3217]
Listeria antibody by CF [LAB6630]
Listeria antibody, CSF by CF [LAB7068]
Lithium level [LAB29]
Liver function tests [LAB3218]
Liver function tests with albumin [LAB3219]
Liver-kidney microsome antibody, IgG [LAB3220]
Liver Panel, Blood [LAB3218]
L-Lactate [LAB95]
Lovenox [LAB2614]
Lower respiratory culture [LAB3221]
Ludiomil [LAB3239]
Lupus anticoagulant [LAB478]
Luteinizing hormone [LAB87]
Lyme abs, IgG/IgM, wblot, CSF (lab orderable only) [LAB8509]
Lyme antibodies w/ reflex to WB [LAB4977]
Lyme antibodies w/ reflex to WB, CSF [LAB2644]
Lyme, Borrelia molecular detection by PCR [LAB6944]
Lyme, Borrelia molecular detection by PCR, CSF/fluid [LAB6943]
Lyme Screen with reflex to confirmation by Western Blot [LAB4977]
Lymph node culture [LAB6298]
Lymphocyte antigen and mitogen panel [LAB8672]
Lymphocyte antigen proliferation [LAB8674]
Lymphocyte mitogen proliferation [LAB8673]
Lymphocyte Subsets, Total TBNK [LAB8704]
Lysozyme, serum [LAB1133]
Lytes [LAB16]


MReturn to [Top]
Macroamylase [LAB3235]
Magnesium [LAB103]
Magnesium, RBC [LAB104]
Magnesium, stool, random [LAB3237]
Magnesium, timed urine w/creatinine [LAB2337]
Magnesium, urine, random w/ creatinine [LAB3236]
Malaria [LAB5841]
Malaria antibody, IgG [LAB4219]
Malaria detection and quantitation [LAB5841]
Male health panel, Self pay [LAB6543]
Manganese [LAB1050]
Manganese, timed urine [LAB2338]
Mannose binding lectin [LAB3238]
Manual Differential [LAB7768]
Maprotiline [LAB3239]
Marijuana [LAB5247]
Marijuana (THC), quant., urine [LAB3240]
Marinseco-Sjogren syndrome DNA sequencing [LAB7639]
Mayo frozen generic orderable [LAB8605]
Mayo refrigerated generic orderable [LAB8606]
Mayo room temperature generic orderable [LAB8604]
MCPH tier 2 panel [LAB6823]
MDR-GNR screen [LAB4119]
MDS Sequencing [LAB7770]
Measles (Rubeola) antibody, IgG [LAB657]
Melanin, urine [LAB3241]
Mercury, blood [LAB831]
Mercury, urine, random [LAB3243]
Metanephrines, fract, free, LC/MS/MS, plasma [LAB4543]
Metanephrines, fractionated, timed urine w/creatinine [LAB2339]
Methadone metabolite screen, urine, no conf. [LAB8815]
Methadone metabolite screen, urine, w/conf. [LAB8814]
Methemoglobin [LAB91]
Methotrexate level [LAB481]
Methsuximide [LAB1056]
Methylmalonic acid [LAB835]
Methylmalonic acid, urine, random [LAB3252]
Mexiletine level [LAB3253]
Mexitil [LAB3253]
Mg [LAB103]
Mi-2 antibody [LAB8522]
Microalbumin, Spot Urine [LAB546]
Microsporidia Exam [LAB6939]
Microsporidium [LAB6939]
Milk precipitin panel [LAB3258]
Miscellaneous test, microbiology [LAB3799]
Miscellaneous test, non blood [LAB4141]
Mitochondria M2 Ab, IgG, EIA [LAB5695]
Mixed Chimerism, PRE, Blood [LAB2163]
Mixing study PT [LAB3262]
Mixing study PTT [LAB3264]
Monogenic diabetes (MODY) evaluation [LAB4844]
Monospot [LAB3093]
Morquio B [LAB2667]
Mouth culture [LAB3594]
MPL codon 515 mutation detection, whole blood/bone marrow [LAB8540]
MPL Exon 12 mutation detection [LAB6681]
MPL Exon 12 mutation detection, marrow [LAB6682]
MRSA culture [LAB6357]
MTHFR mutation [LAB739]
MTX [LAB481]
Mucoplysaccharidosis VII [LAB2668]
Mucopolysaccharides quantitative, urine [LAB3271]
Mucopolysaccharides screen, urine [LAB3272]
Mumps antibody, IgG [LAB160]
Mumps antibody, IgM (acute infection only) [LAB161]
Murimidase [LAB1133]
MUSK antibody, quantitative [LAB4221]
Myasthenia gravis (MG) evaluation, adult [LAB3273]
Myasthenia gravis evaluation, pediatric [LAB3274]
Mycobacteria Culture [LAB877]
Mycophenolic acid and metabolite [LAB3275]
Mycoplasma / ureaplasma culture [LAB944]
Mycoplasma pneumoniae antibody, IgG [LAB656]
Mycoplasma pneumoniae antibody, IgM [LAB799]
Mycoplasma pneumoniae by PCR [LAB4845]
Myelin associated glycoprotein Ab, IgM [LAB4663]
Myelin basic protein, CSF [LAB190]
Myeloperoxidase antibody [LAB3277]
Myoglobin, serum [LAB105]
Myoglobin, urine [LAB412]
Myositis antibody panel [LAB3280]
Myositis antibody panel plus [LAB3281]
Mysoline [LAB808]


NReturn to [Top]
N. meningitidis Abs (A, C, W-135, and Y) [LAB4223]
Na (Sodium) [LAB122]
Nasal culture [LAB3594]
Nasopharynx culture [LAB3594]
Natalizumab Antibodies [LAB4623]
NBT [LAB4222]
Needlestick Panel, Hepatitis Viruses [LAB3283]
Needlestick panel with HIV testing [LAB3282]
Needlestick panel without HIV testing [LAB3283]
Neisseria gonorrhoeae Culture [LAB235]
Neisseria gonorrhoeae, NAAT [LAB1363]
NeoCerebellar degen paraneoplastic [LAB6786]
NeoComplete paraneoplastic profile [LAB6787]
Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia workup [LAB3534]
Neonatal diabetes mellitus evaluation [LAB7572]
Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus Evalutaion (Athena #882) [LAB7572]
Neoral [LAB874]
Nephrostomy urine culture [LAB239]
Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) Center for Human Genetics [LAB6992]
Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1), Known Fam. (Center for Human Gen) [LAB7029]
Neuromyelitis optica autoAb, IgG [LAB6350]
Neuromyelitis optica AutoAb, IgG, CSF [LAB4224]
Neuronal nuclear(Hu) Ab, rflx titer/WB [LAB3285]
Neuronal Nuclear (Yo) Antibody CSF [LAB2616]
Neuron specific enolase [LAB4228]
Neurosurgical valves [LAB3284]
Neutrophil Ab ID and HLA Ab screen [LAB6669]
Neutrophil Ab screen and HLA Ab screen [LAB6670]
Neutrophil Ag genotyping panel [LAB6667]
NF1 sequencing and MLPA [LAB6992]
NF1 sequencing and MLPA, known familial [LAB7029]
NH3 [LAB47]
Nickel, serum [LAB6759]
Nicotine and cotinine, LC/MS/MS, urine [LAB7318]
Nicotine and expanded metabolites, LC/MS/MS, urine [LAB7342]
Niemann-Pick Type C, known mutation [LAB7066]
Nitroblue tetrazolium [LAB4222]
Nitroprusside Metabolite [LAB1099]
NMDA receptor Ab, IgG CSF w/reflex to titer [LAB6674]
NMDA receptor Ab, IgG w/reflex to titer [LAB6673]
N-methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Antibody, IgG [LAB6673]
N-methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Antibody, IgG in CSF [LAB6674]
N-methylhistamine, timed urine [LAB3288]
NMO-IgG [LAB6350 | LAB4224]
Nocardia culture [LAB903]
Non-immune hydrops panel [LAB3289]
Non-Research draw only [LAB7232]
Norclomipramine/Clomipramine, Blood [LAB2798]
Nordiazepam [LAB2801]
Norfluoxetine/Fluoxetine, Blood [LAB2981]
Norovirus by RT-PCR [LAB8468]
Norpace [LAB1393]
Northeast panel [LAB3292]
Nortriptyline level [LAB807]
NPM1 mut. by PCR and frag. analysis, bone marrow [LAB4227]
NPM1 mutation by PCR and frag. analysis [LAB4226]
N-telopeptide, urine [LAB816]
NT-proBrain natriuretic peptide [LAB3294]
NTX, Urine [LAB816]


OReturn to [Top]
Obstetric panel [LAB550]
Occult Blood [LAB694]
Occult blood x1, stool [LAB694]
OF [LAB1134]
Oligoclonal banding [LAB9284]
Opiates screen, urine, no conf. [LAB5245]
Opiates screen, urine, w/ conf. [LAB5253]
OPMD DNA test [LAB6815]
OPMD DNA Test #300 Athena [LAB6815]
Optic atrophy evaluation (OPA1) [LAB7647]
Optic Atrophy Evaluation (OPA1) Athena Diag #490 [LAB7647]
Optic Neuritis Antibody [LAB6350 | LAB4224]
Optic-Spinal MS Antibody [LAB4224]
Organic acids, full panel, quant, urine [LAB418]
Oropharynx culture [LAB3594]
Orotic acid, urine [LAB3301]
Osmolality [LAB107]
Osmolality, stool, random [LAB201]
Osmolality, timed urine [LAB3306]
Osmolality, urine, random [LAB420]
Osmotic fragility MD interpretation (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB6826]
Osmotic fragility, RBC [LAB1134]
Osteocalcin [LAB1060]
Outdoor screen [LAB3308]
Ova and parasite examination [LAB6447]
Ova and parasites, non stool [LAB3309]
Overdose panel [LAB3311]
Oxalate [LAB3312]
Oxalate, timed urine [LAB5578]
Oxalic acid, urine, random [LAB3313]
Oxycodone screen, urine, no conf. [LAB5249]
Oxycodone screen, urine, w/ conf. [LAB5256]


PReturn to [Top]
p190 [LAB2657 | LAB2658]
p210 [LAB2657 | LAB2658]
PAI-1, antigen [LAB4230]
PAI-1, mutation (4G/5G) [LAB4851]
PAI-1, plasminogen activator inhibitor [LAB4229]
Pain management base prof w/o confirmation, urine [LAB4573]
Pancreatic elastase-1 [LAB4986]
Pancreatic polypeptide [LAB3316]
Paracentesis [LAB269]
Parainfluenzae 1-3 by RT-PCR [LAB8469]
Paraneoplastic autoAb evaluation, CSF [LAB6683]
Paraneoplastic autoantibody evaluation [LAB4070]
Paraplegin (SPG7) DNA sequencing test [LAB7644]
Paraplegin (SPG7) DNA Sequencing Test Athena Diag #632 [LAB7644]
Parathyroid hormone (Mineral Metabolism) [LAB4855]
Parechovirus by RT-PCR [LAB8464]
Parechovirus by RT-PCR, CSF [LAB6181]
Parietal Cell Antibody [LAB4193]
Partial DMD - del/dup only - females [LAB6765]
Partial DMD - del/dup only - Females #103 [LAB6765]
Partial DMD - del/dup only - males [LAB6766]
Partial DMD - del/dup only - Males #101 [LAB6766]
Partial DMD sequencing [LAB6764]
Partial DMD - Sequencing only #183 [LAB6764]
Partial thromboplastin time [LAB2315]
Parvovirus B19 antibody, IgG [LAB3328]
Parvovirus B19 antibody, IgG and IgM [LAB800]
Parvovirus B19 antibody, IgM [LAB3329]
Parvovirus B19 PCR [LAB6934]
PathFinder TG, cyst fluid aspirate [LAB6882]
Pb [LAB98]
PCOS panel [LAB5690]
PCP, Urine [LAB5252]
Pediatric health panel, Self pay [LAB6545]
Peganone [LAB2953]
Penicilloyl extended panel [LAB3337]
Penicilloyl panel [LAB3338]
Penile culture [LAB3002]
Pericardial [LAB269]
Peritoneal Catheter tip culture [LAB3284]
PET Center [LAB2937]
Pharmacy culture (Lab Order Only) [LAB8888]
pH, body fluid [LAB110]
Phencyclidine(PCP) screen,urine,no conf. [LAB5244]
Phencyclidine(PCP) screen,urine,w/ conf. [LAB5252]
Phenobarb [LAB30]
Phenobarbital level [LAB30]
Phenylalanine/tyrosine [LAB3350]
Phenylalanine/tyrosine, blood spot [LAB3351]
Phenytoin level, free [LAB32]
Phenytoin level, total [LAB31]
Phenytoin level, total and free [LAB176]
Phosphatidylserine Ab IgG, IgM [LAB3352]
Phospholipase A2 receptor, IgG w/rflx to titer [LAB8668]
Phospholipid neutralization [LAB3353]
Phosphorus [LAB113]
Phosphorus, timed urine w/creatinine [LAB2344]
Phosphorus, urine, random [LAB427]
Pinworm prep [LAB6935]
PK [LAB1087]
Placental lactogen [LAB1041]
Plasma renin activity, LC/MS/MS [LAB3914]
Plasminogen activator inhibitor activity [LAB4229]
Plasminogen activator inhibitor antigen [LAB4230]
Plasminogen activity [LAB847]
Platelet aggregation [LAB3363]
Platelet alloimmunization screen [LAB6561]
Platelet antibodies, indirect [LAB767]
Platelet Associated Immunoglobulin [LAB767]
Platelet count manual [LAB3682]
Platelet count manual (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB9125]
Platelet function assay (PFA) [LAB3364]
Platelia Aspergillus, BAL [LAB7905]
Pleural [LAB269]
PML-RARa t(15,17) quantitative blood [LAB2205]
PML-RARa t(15,17) quantitative, bone marrow [LAB2206]
PML-RARa t(15,17) screen blood [LAB2207]
PML-RARa t(15,17) screen, bone marrow [LAB2208]
PMP22 DNA sequencing test [LAB6769]
PM-Scl antibody, EIA [LAB3365]
Pneumococcal Abs, IgG (14 serotypes) [LAB3367]
PO4 [LAB113]
POCT sweat test [POC162]
Poliovirus antibodies, types 1 and 3 [LAB653]
Polymyositis Associated Antibody [LAB3365]
Polyomavirus BK PCR, Quantitative [LAB4935]
Polyomavirus JC, PCR [LAB8412]
Polyomavirus JC PCR, CSF [LAB4073]
Pompe Disease [LAB7909]
Pompe's Disease [LAB2375]
Porphyria Cutanea Tarda (PCT) MT Sinai [LAB7682]
Porphyrins, fractionated, urine, random [LAB433]
Porphyrins profile [LAB5537]
Porphyrins, quantitative, timed urine [LAB5538]
Posaconazole [LAB4749]
Potassium [LAB114]
Potassium, body fluid [LAB193]
Potassium, stool, random [LAB3375]
Potassium, timed urine [LAB2345]
Potassium, urine, random [LAB434]
Potassium, whole blood [LAB6531]
PR3 [LAB3399]
Prealbumin [LAB115]
Pregnancy Test [LAB3037]
Pregnenolone [LAB1073]
Pre-op screen, MSSA/MRSA screen [LAB6505]
Primary Adrenal Insufficiency Eval (#816 Athena Diag) [LAB6975]
Primary adrenal insufficiency evaluation [LAB6975]
Primary dystonia evaluation [LAB6816]
Primary Dystonia Evaluation #639 [LAB6816]
Primidone and metabolite level [LAB808]
Procainamide level and NAPA [LAB33]
Procalcitonin [LAB6741]
Procollagen I N-terminal propeptide [LAB5536]
Progesterone [LAB529]
Prograf [LAB876]
Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia Eval (Athena Diag #576) [LAB7673]
Progressive external ophthalmoplegia evaluation [LAB7673]
Proinsulin [LAB1086]
Prolactin [LAB531]
Prometheus TPMT [LAB3528]
Propranolol level [LAB1396]
Prostaglandin D2, urine [LAB3388]
Prostate specific antigen, total [LAB3389]
Prostatic acid phosphatase [LAB3390]
Prostatic Health Index [LAB9538]
Prosthetic joint culture (sonication) [LAB6506]
Protein 14-3-3 Tau/Theta, CSF [LAB8485]
Proteinase 3 antibody [LAB3399]
Protein, body fluid [LAB196]
Protein C activity [LAB489]
Protein C antigen, total [LAB490]
Protein, CSF [LAB195]
Protein electrophoresis, timed urine [LAB3394]
Protein electrophoresis, urine, random [LAB438]
Protein electrophoresis, serum [LAB9039]
Protein S activity [LAB4918]
Protein S, Functional [LAB4918]
Protein S, total and free antigen [LAB760]
Protein, total [LAB118]
Protein, total, timed urine [LAB2349]
Protein, total w/creatinine, timed urine [LAB3397]
Protein, total w/creatinine, urine, random [LAB3398]
Protein, urine (Smilow Care Ctr Only) [LAB6523]
Protein, urine, random [LAB439]
Prothrombin fragment 1 and 2 [LAB3401]
Prothrombin gene mutation [LAB834]
Protime and INR [LAB320]
Prozac, Blood [LAB2981]
PSA screening [LAB116]
PSA, Total [LAB3389]
PSA, total and free [LAB171]
PT/INR and PTT [LAB3405]
PTH [LAB4855]
PTH, fine needle aspirate [LAB9059]
PTH, intact [LAB3406]
PTH, intact and calcium [LAB813]
PTH, Intraoperative, 15 min. post exc. [LAB4202]
PTH, Intraoperative, 20 min. post exc. [LAB4203]
PTH, Intraoperative, 25 min. post exc. [LAB4204]
PTH, Intraoperative, 30 min. post exc. [LAB4205]
PTH, Intraoperative, 35 min. post exc. [LAB4206]
PTH, Intraoperative, 40 min. post exc. [LAB4207]
PTH, Intraoperative, 45 min. post exc. [LAB4208]
PTH, Intraoperative, 50 min. post exc. [LAB4210]
PTH, Intraoperative, 55 min. post exc. [LAB4211]
PTH, Intraoperative, 5 min. post exc. [LAB4209]
PTH, Intraoperative, 60 min. post exc. [LAB4212]
PTH, Intraoperative, aspirate [LAB4213]
PTH, Intraoperative, baseline [LAB4214]
PTH, Intraoperative, other post exc. [LAB4215]
PTH, intraoperative, zero time post exc. [LAB9058]
PTH-related protein (PTH-RP) [LAB3999]
PTH, venous localization [LAB5040]
Purine and pyrimidine panel, urine [LAB3408]
Purkinje Cell CSF [LAB2616]
Pyridinoline and deoxypyridinoline by HPLC [LAB3411]
Pyruvate kinase [LAB1087]
Pyruvic acid [LAB744]
Pyruvic Acid/Lactic Acid [LAB3202]
Pyruvic acid, CSF [LAB3412]


QReturn to [Top]
Q80 Polymorphism [LAB5988]
QuantiFERON-TB gold [LAB3414]
Quantitative Count [LAB271]
Quantitative tissue culture (Plastics) [LAB271]
Quest Chantilly miscellaneous test [LAB9225]
Quinidine level [LAB192]


RReturn to [Top]
Rabies antibody, IgG (vaccine response) [LAB7069]
Rapamycin [LAB875]
Rapid group A strep screen w/rfl culture [LAB885]
Rapid plasma reagin [LAB494]
REEP1 (SPG31) deletion analysis [LAB7642]
REEP1 (SPG31) Deletion Analysis Athena Diag #665 [LAB7642]
Regan's Isoenzyme [LAB741]
Renal function panel [LAB19]
Reproductive culture [LAB2880]
Reptilase time w/rflx to 1:1 mix [LAB6187]
Requested add-on cannot be performed [LAB4035]
Research culture (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB4728]
Research draw only [LAB7158]
Respiratory syncytial virus by RT-PCR [LAB3438]
Respiratory syncytial virus, rapid antigen [LAB3465]
Respiratory virus DFA [LAB3440]
Respiratory virus PCR panel [LAB3444]
Retic [LAB296]
Reticulated platelet panel, flow cytometry [LAB3447]
Reticulin antibodies [LAB773]
Reticulocytes [LAB296]
Retinol [LAB580]
Retinol binding protein [LAB3452]
Rheumatoid factor [LAB206]
Rheumatoid factor, fluid [LAB652]
Rhinovirus by RT-PCR [LAB8516]
Rhodanide [LAB1099]
Ribosomal P protein antibody [LAB1399]
Rickettsia rickettsii Abs, IgG and IgM [LAB6666]
Rickettsia typhi Abs, IgG and IgM, IFA [LAB7671]
Rifampin [LAB7129]
Risperidone [LAB5610]
Ristocetin co-factor/VWF [LAB4690]
RNA Pol III IgG [LAB6361]
RNA polymerase III antibody, IgG [LAB6361]
Rotavirus antigen, stool [LAB443]
RPR [LAB494]
Rubella antibody, IgG [LAB496]
Rubella antibody, IgM (acute infection only) [LAB865]
Rufinamide [LAB7306]


SReturn to [Top]
S. pneumoniae antigen, CSF [LAB5630]
Sabril [LAB7157]
Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibodies, IgG and IgA [LAB548]
Salicylate level [LAB34]
Salmonella, antibodies, total [LAB7285]
SCA12 (PPP2R2B) DNA test [LAB6817]
SCA12 (PPP2R2B) DNA Test #285 Athena [LAB6817]
SCA13 select exon DNA test [LAB6818]
SCA13 Select Exon DNA Test #284 Athena [LAB6818]
SCA28 (AFG3L2) DNA sequencing test [LAB6819]
SCA28 (AFG3L2) DNA SequencingTest #673 Athena [LAB6819]
SCA6 DNA test [LAB7648]
SCA6 DNA Test (Athena Diag #373) [LAB7648]
Schistosoma antibody, IgG [LAB1235]
Scleroderma (Scl-70) Antibody [LAB771]
SCN1B DNA sequencing test [LAB7646]
Scotch Tape Prep for Pinworm [LAB6935]
Screws [LAB3284]
Second trimester risk assessment (Quad) [LAB4123]
Sedimentation rate (ESR) [LAB3471]
Selenium, RBC [LAB5009]
Selenium serum/plasma [LAB579]
SensoriMotor neuopathy profile-complete [LAB6820]
Serine Protease 3 [LAB3399]
Serotonin release assay [LAB3473]
Serotonin serum [LAB121]
Serotonin, whole blood [LAB3474]
Serum protein panel (L) [LAB1752]
Sex hormone binding globulin [LAB3477]
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), IRMA [LAB3477]
Shiga-like toxin antigen, EIA [LAB6439]
Shiga Toxin Test [LAB6439]
Short-chain Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase [LAB5541]
Sickle Cell Screen,Adult [LAB288]
Signal recognition particle antibody [LAB6360]
SIL1 (Marinesco-Sjogren Syndrome) DNA Seq #282 Athena Diag [LAB7639]
Sinus (swab) culture [LAB3594]
Sinus contents culture [LAB2880]
Sirolimus level (rapamycin) [LAB875]
Sjogrens Ab, SS-A [LAB5008]
Sjogrens Ab, SS-B [LAB5026]
Sjogren's Antibodies (SS-A,SS-B) [LAB3861]
SLC26A4 gene del/dup [LAB7688]
Sly Syndrome [LAB2668]
SMA plus (reflexive) [LAB6956]
Smear interpretation [LAB2688]
Smith/RNP antibodies [LAB3484]
Smith antibody [LAB2001]
Smooth muscle (F-Actin) antibody, IgA [LAB4235]
Smooth muscle (F-Actin) antibody, IgG w/reflex to titer [LAB4729]
Sodium [LAB122]
Sodium, body fluid [LAB197]
Sodium Nitroprusside [LAB1099]
Sodium, stool, random [LAB3490]
Sodium, timed urine w/creatinine [LAB2350]
Sodium, urine, random w/o creatinine [LAB444]
Sodium, whole blood [LAB6532]
Soluble liver antigen (SLA) autoantibody [LAB5434]
Somatic Hyper Mutation [LAB7836]
Somatostatin [LAB1095]
Sonication Culture [LAB6506]
Spastin (SPG4) DNA sequencing test [LAB6788]
Spastin (SPG4) DNA Sequencing Test #530 [LAB6788]
Spastizin (ZYFVE26) DNA seq (SPG15) [LAB6960]
Spatacsin (SPG11) DNA sequencing test [LAB7643]
Spatacsin (SPG11) DNA Sequencing Test Athena Diag #633 [LAB7643]
Special coagulation MD interpretation (Lab Orderable Only) [LAB3727]
Special stains [LAB3495]
Spinal muscular atrophy carrier test [LAB4234]
Spin and hold [LAB6520]
Spinobulbar muscular atrophy [LAB2216]
Spironolactone and metabolites [LAB5831]
SPST [LAB3495]
Sputum culture [LAB3221]
SRP Antibody [LAB6360]
ssDNA antibody, IgG [LAB2328]
Staph. aureus screen (pre-op) [LAB6505]
Stinging insects panel [LAB3502]
Stool for Ova and Parasites [LAB6447]
Stool pathogens by PCR [LAB8759]
Stratify JCV Ab (w/index) w/refl to inhibition assay [LAB7194]
Strep Group B PCR [LAB3025 | LAB5809]
Streptococcus pneumoniae antigen, urine [LAB3508]
Streptococcus pneumoniae IgG Ab (23 serotypes) [LAB7080]
Streptolysin O antibody [LAB3509]
Streptozyme w/ reflex to titer [LAB4617]
Strongyloides antibody, IgG [LAB3510]
Substance P [LAB3512]
Succinylacetone, blood spot [LAB3513]
Succinylacetone, qualitative, urine, random [LAB3514]
Sulfamethoxazole [LAB3516]
Sulfatide [LAB2629]
Sulfides [LAB2629]
Superficial wound culture [LAB3517]
Suprapubic urine culture [LAB239]
Sutures [LAB3284]
Sweat chloride analysis [LAB7487]
Synovial fluid, crystal [LAB213]


TReturn to [Top]
T3, free [LAB137]
T3, reverse [LAB138]
T3, Total [LAB136]
T3, uptake [LAB135]
T4 [LAB126]
T4, Blood [LAB126]
T4, free [LAB127]
T4, free, direct dialysis with T4, total [LAB4820]
Tacrolimus level [LAB876]
Tambocor [LAB687]
TAT Complex, Blood [LAB3533]
TB Culture [LAB877]
TBG [LAB128]
Tcell gene rearrangement - blood [LAB2220]
Tcell gene rearrangement - bone marrow [LAB2221]
T cell gene rearrangement - CSF [LAB2223]
Tcell gene rearrangement - other [LAB2222]
Tegretol [LAB21]
Testosterone, free (dialysis) and total LC/MS/MS [LAB3524]
Testosterone, free, bio and total, LC/MS/MS [LAB3839]
Testosterone, total [LAB124]
Tetanus antitoxoid [LAB855]
Thallium, serum [LAB1026]
THAP1 (DYT6) # 618 Athena Diag [LAB7307]
THAP1 (DYT6) DNA sequencing [LAB7307]
Theophylline level [LAB35]
Thiocyanate, serum [LAB1099]
Thiopurine metabolites [LAB3528]
Throat Cultue for Strep Group A [LAB228]
Throat culture [LAB228]
Thrombin-antithrombin complex [LAB3533]
Thrombin time [LAB324]
Thyroglobulin antibody [LAB3535]
Thyroglobulin Panel [LAB4547]
Thyroglobulin, fine needle aspirate [LAB5788]
Thyroid Antimicrosomal Antibodies [LAB858]
Thyroid peroxidase antibody [LAB858]
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone [LAB129]
Thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin [LAB746]
Thyrotropin-binding inhibitory immunoglobulin [LAB1090]
Thyrotropin releasing hormone [LAB3541]
Thyroxine binding globulin [LAB128]
Thyroxine, Blood [LAB126]
Thyroxine, free, by equilibrium dialysis [LAB3542]
TIBC [LAB3549]
Tissue culture [LAB6298]
Tissue plasminogen activator [LAB3545]
Tissue transglutaminase, IgA [LAB723]
Tissue transglutaminase, IgG [LAB721]
TLR Function [LAB7681]
T Lymphocyte Subsets [LAB8718]
Tobramycin, CSF [LAB3547]
Tobramycin level, peak [LAB36]
Tobramycin level, random [LAB37]
Tobramycin level, trough [LAB38]
Tocopherol,Alpha-Tocopherol, E [LAB130]
Toll like receptor function [LAB7681]
Tongue culture [LAB3594]
Topamax [LAB498]
Topiramate level [LAB498]
Total barbiturate, quantitative [LAB3548]
Total IgE [LAB74]
Total iron binding capacity [LAB3549]
Toxacara antibody, blood/fluid [LAB1232]
Toxic alcohol and glycol panel [LAB5757]
Toxic barbiturate screen [LAB3550]
Toxicology Panel [LAB3311]
Toxicology Panel, Spot Urine [LAB5262 | LAB5267]
Toxoplasma gondii antibody, IgG [LAB501]
Toxoplasma gondii antibody, IgM [LAB659]
Toxoplasma gondii by PCR [LAB4110]
Toxoplasma gondii by PCR, amniotic fluid [LAB4122]
Toxoplasma gondii by PCR, CSF [LAB4620]
Toxoplasmosis antibody panel, IgG, IgM [LAB3560]
TPA [LAB3545]
Tracheal aspirate culture [LAB3221]
Transcobalamin [LAB3644]
Transcortin [LAB1101]
Transferrin [LAB133]
Transfusion reaction specimen [LAB4120]
Transfusion transmitted disease panel [LAB8047]
Transplant hypercoagulability panel [LAB7061]
Transverse Myelitis Antibody [LAB6350 | LAB4224]
Trazodone [LAB3574]
Treponema pallidum (syphilis) antibody w/reflex [LAB1197]
Treponema pallidum Ab by TP-PA [LAB5840]
Treponema pallidum Ab, IgG, IFA (CSF)(Lab Orderable Only) [LAB3575]
Trichinella antibody [LAB1268]
Trichomonas antigen [LAB3576]
Trichomonas vaginalis by NAAT [LAB8966]
Tricyclic antidepressant panel [LAB3580]
Tricyclic antidepressant screen [LAB3581]
Triglycerides [LAB134]
Triglycerides, body fluid [LAB200]
Trileptal level [LAB3583]
Tropheryma whipplei DNA, PCR [LAB6518]
Troponin T [LAB139]
Trypanosoma cruzi Ab, total [LAB6700]
Tryptase [LAB827]
TSC1 DNA sequencing test [LAB4885]
TSC2 DNA sequencing test [LAB4886]
TSH [LAB129]
TSH antibody [LAB3589]
TSH w/reflex to FT4 [LAB4531]
TSI [LAB746]
Tumor necrosis factor-alpha, highly sensitive [LAB7461]
Tumor Profiling Lab [LAB7450]
Tylenol [LAB43]
Type and Rh recheck [LAB8032]
Type and screen [LAB276]
Type II collagen antibody [LAB3592]
Typhus Fever Antibodies [LAB7671]
Tysabri antibody test [LAB4623]


UReturn to [Top]
UGT 1A - blood specific [LAB2230]
Ulcer culture [LAB2880]
Unfractionated Heparin [LAB2615]
Unstable hemoglobin [LAB3188]
Upper respiratory tract culture [LAB3594]
Uracil [LAB3408]
Urea Breath Test, H. pylori [LAB572]
Urea nitrogen, fluid [LAB3597]
Urea nitrogen, timed urine w/creatinine [LAB3598]
Urea nitrogen, urine, random [LAB3599]
Urethra culture [LAB3002]
Uric acid [LAB141]
Uric acid, timed urine w/creatinine [LAB2353]
Uric acid, urine, random w/o creatinine [LAB3603]
Urinalysis-macroscopic w/reflex microscopic [LAB3608]
Urinalysis with culture reflex [LAB8937]
Urine culture [LAB239]
UROD gene analysis [LAB7682]


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V617F Bone Marrow [LAB2189]
Vaginal culture [LAB3002]
Valium, Blood [LAB2890]
Valproic acid level, total [LAB24]
Vancomycin, peak [LAB41]
Vancomycin, peak, CSF [LAB3610]
Vancomycin, random [LAB40]
Vancomycin, random, CSF [LAB3611]
Vancomycin, trough [LAB39]
Vancomycin, trough, CSF [LAB3612]
Vanillylmandelic acid (VMA), timed urine [LAB2355]
Vanillylmandelic acid (VMA), urine, random [LAB2354]
VAP cholesterol profile [LAB4708]
Varicella zoster antibody, IgG [LAB162]
Varicella-zoster antibody, IgM [LAB163]
Varicella-zoster virus by PCR [LAB3614]
Varicella-zoster virus by PCR, CSF [LAB3616]
Varicella-zoster virus direct PCR, swab [LAB8624]
Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) [LAB1107]
VDRL, CSF reflex to titer and FTA-ABS [LAB3621]
Ventricular Catheter tip culture [LAB3284]
Vigabatrin [LAB7157]
Vimpat [LAB5457]
VIP [LAB1107]
Viral Culture, Respiratory [LAB9019]
Viral Culture, Non-Respiratory [LAB9018]
Viral Culture, Respiratory with CMV [LAB7552]
Viral Culture, Non-Respiratory with CMV [LAB8517]
Viral Hepatitis Panel, Acute [LAB551]
Viral Hepatitis Panel, Chronic [LAB3066]
Viscosity, serum [LAB765]
Vitamin A [LAB580]
Vitamin B1 [LAB125]
Vitamin B12 [LAB67]
Vitamin B12 binding capacity [LAB3644]
Vitamin B2 [LAB1091]
Vitamin B6 [LAB120]
Vitamin C [LAB671]
Vitamin D, 1,25 dihydroxy LC/MS/MS [LAB3825]
Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy, LC/MS/MS [LAB3645]
Vitamin E [LAB130]
Vitamin K [LAB1110]
Vitreous fluid culture [LAB943]
VLCAD carrier, known mutation analysis [LAB7369]
VLCADD enzyme/mutation analysis [LAB6979]
VLCADD Mutation Analysis (U of CO Denver Genetics) [LAB6979]
VLCAD Enzyme Activity [LAB7370]
VMA, Spot Urine [LAB2354]
Voltage gated calcium channel Ab [LAB3646]
Voltage gated potassium channel antibody [LAB6190]
Von Willebrand factor antigen [LAB757]
Von Willebrand multimeric [LAB1111]
Von Willebrand panel [LAB1112]
Von Willebrand's Factor [LAB4690]
Voriconazole [LAB3649]
VRE culture [LAB238]
VRE Screen [LAB238]
Vulva culture [LAB3002]
VZV Antibody, IgG [LAB162]


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Walden panel 1 [LAB9223]
Walden panel 2 [LAB9224]
Warfarin [LAB3651]
Water [LAB2937]
WBC, Stool (Qualitative), Lactoferrin [LAB265]
West Nile antibodies, IgG and IgM [LAB867]
West Nile virus antibody, IgG [LAB1270]
West Nile virus antibody IgG and IgM, CSF [LAB3653]
West Nile virus antibody, IgG, CSF [LAB3654]
West Nile virus antibody, IgM [LAB1269]
West Nile virus antibody, IgM CSF [LAB3655]
West Nile virus by PCR, CSF (Lab Approval Required) [LAB8723]
West Nile virus by RT-PCR, CSF [LAB6185]
Whooping Cough [LAB6664]
Wilson disease, ATP7B mutation screen [LAB2234]
WNV Antibody IgG & IgM, CSF [LAB3653]
WNV Antibody, IgG & IgM, Serum [LAB867]
WNV Antibody, IgM, CSF [LAB3655]
WNV Antibody IgM, Serum [LAB1269]
Worm identification [LAB3657]


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X-linked combined immunodeficiency [LAB2236]
Xsense(R), fragile X with reflex SB [LAB4607]
Xylocaine [LAB685]


YReturn to [Top]
Y Chromosome microdeletion, DNA analysis [LAB6372]
Yersinia enterocolitica Ab (IgG, IgA) [LAB3659]
Yo Ab screen w/rflx titer, CSF [LAB2616]


ZReturn to [Top]
Zarontin, Blood [LAB683]
Zinc [LAB581]
Zinc protoporphyrin [LAB1085]
Zinc, timed urine [LAB4625]
Zonegran,Excegran [LAB504]
Zonisamide level [LAB504]
Zortress [LAB6983]
ZPP [LAB1085]


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Allergen IndexReturn to [Top]
Allergen, allspice IgE [LAB1430]
Allergen, almond IgG [LAB1167]
Allergen, almonds IgE [LAB634]
Allergen, alpha lactalbumin IgE [LAB457]
Allergen, Alternaria tenuis IgE [LAB599]
Allergen, Alternaria tenuis IgG [LAB1221]
Allergen, amoxicilloyl IgE [LAB2498]
Allergen, ampicillin IgE [LAB1576]
Allergen, animal panel [LAB8851]
Allergen, apple IgE [LAB605]
Allergen, apple IgG [LAB2499]
Allergen, apricot IgE [LAB1572]
Allergen, artichoke IgE [LAB1416]
Allergen, ash, white IgE [LAB1632]
Allergen, ash, white IgG [LAB2500]
Allergen, Aspergillus amstelodami IgE [LAB2501]
Allergen, Aspergillus fumigatus IgE [LAB598]
Allergen, Aspergillus fumigatus IgG [LAB2502]
Allergen, Aspergillus niger IgE [LAB1501]
Allergen, Aspergillus niger IgG [LAB2503]
Allergen, Aspergillus versicolor IgE [LAB2504]
Allergen, Aspergillus versicolor IgG [LAB2505]
Allergen, Aureobasidium pullulans IgE [LAB1586]
Allergen, Aureobasidium pullulans IgG [LAB1228]
Allergen, avocado IgE [LAB1424]
Allergen, bahia grass IgE [LAB626]
Allergen, baker's yeast IgG [LAB1148]
Allergen, banana IgE [LAB616]
Allergen, banana IgG [LAB1153]
Allergen, barley, whole grain IgE [LAB1613]
Allergen, basil IgE [LAB2506]
Allergen, bass black IgE [LAB2507]
Allergen, bayleaf / laurel IgE [LAB1438]
Allergen, bean black IgE [LAB2508]
Allergen, bean, green IgE [LAB1629]
Allergen, bean, kidney / red bean IgE [LAB1469]
Allergen, bean, lima IgE [LAB1719]
Allergen, bean navy/white IgE [LAB2413]
Allergen, bean, pinto IgE [LAB1494]
Allergen, bean yellow wax IgE [LAB2509]
Allergen, beef IgE [LAB618]
Allergen, bermuda grass IgE [LAB646]
Allergen, beta lactoglobulin IgE [LAB2510]
Allergen, beta lactoglobulin IgG [LAB2511]
Allergen, blackberry IgE [LAB1498]
Allergen, blueberry IgE [LAB1495]
Allergen, blue mussels IgE [LAB2308]
Allergen, brazil nut food IgG [LAB2512]
Allergen, brazil nut IgE [LAB1707]
Allergen, broccoli IgE [LAB1570]
Allergen, brussel sprout IgE [LAB2414]
Allergen, cabbage IgE [LAB1443]
Allergen, cacao IgG [LAB2415]
Allergen, canary feathers IgE [LAB2514]
Allergen, canary feathers IgG [LAB7169]
Allergen, candida albicans IgE [LAB619]
Allergen, Candida albicans IgG [LAB1226]
Allergen, cantaloupe IgE [LAB1447]
Allergen carmine/red dye IgE [LAB6396]
Allergen, carrot IgE [LAB1615]
Allergen, casein IgE [LAB611]
Allergen, casein IgG [LAB2515]
Allergen, cashew IgG [LAB2516]
Allergen, cashew nut IgE [LAB607]
Allergen, cat dander, IgE [LAB2306]
Allergen, cat dander IgG [LAB2517]
Allergen, catfish IgE [LAB2518]
Allergen, cauliflower IgE [LAB1452]
Allergen, cedar japanese IgE [LAB2519]
Allergen, cedar, mountain IgE [LAB1635]
Allergen, cedar, red IgE [LAB1506]
Allergen, cedar salt IgE [LAB2520]
Allergen, celery IgE [LAB1492]
Allergen, cherry, Bing IgE [LAB1711]
Allergen, chestnut sweet IgE [LAB2418]
Allergen, chicken IgE [LAB632]
Allergen, childhood allergy profile IgE [LAB7023]
Allergen, chocolate/cacao IgE [LAB2513]
Allergen, Chocolate IgE [LAB2513]
Allergen, cinnamon IgE [LAB1459]
Allergen, Cladosporium herbarum IgE [LAB606]
Allergen, cladosporium IgG [LAB1224]
Allergen, clam IgG [LAB2521]
Allergen, clams IgE [LAB633]
Allergen, cloves IgE [LAB1460]
Allergen, cockatiel droppings IgE [LAB2522]
Allergen, cockatiel feathers IgE [LAB2421]
Allergen, cocklebur IgE [LAB1654]
Allergen, cocklebur IgG [LAB2422]
Allergen, cocksfoot IgE [LAB2423]
Allergen, cocksfoot IgG [LAB2523]
Allergen, coconut IgE [LAB1616]
Allergen, codfish IgE [LAB602]
Allergen, codfish IgG [LAB2524]
Allergen, coffee IgE [LAB1617]
Allergen, common wasp IgE [LAB2525]
Allergen, coriander IgE [LAB2424]
Allergen, corn IgE [LAB594]
Allergen, corn IgG [LAB1143]
Allergen, cottonwood tree IgE [LAB1636]
Allergen, crab IgE [LAB1618]
Allergen, crab IgG [LAB2526]
Allergen, cranberry IgE [LAB1461]
Allergen, cucumber IgE [LAB1718]
Allergen, cumin IgE [LAB1427]
Allergen, curry IgE [LAB2425]
Allergen, Curvularia lunata IgE [LAB627]
Allergen, Curvularia spicifera IgE [LAB2527]
Allergen, D. farinae IgE [LAB595]
Allergen, D. pteromyssinus IgG [LAB2528]
Allergen, D. pteronyssinus IgE [LAB597]
Allergen, Dematophagoides farinae IgG [LAB2427]
Allergen, dill IgE [LAB1497]
Allergen, dog dander IgE [LAB591]
Allergen, dust, house, Greer IgE [LAB612]
Allergen, dust, house, Hollister IgE [LAB613]
Allergen, egg, white IgE [LAB588]
Allergen, egg, white IgG [LAB1142]
Allergen, egg, whole IgE [LAB1619]
Allergen, egg whole IgG [LAB2529]
Allergen, egg, yolk IgE [LAB589]
Allergen, egg, yolk IgG [LAB1146]
Allergen, elm american IgG [LAB2431]
Allergen, elm IgE [LAB608]
Allergen, Epicoccum purpurascens IgE [LAB629]
Allergen, exotic bird panel IgE [LAB2954]
Allergen, exotic bird panel IgG [LAB2955]
Allergen, feathers, chicken IgE [LAB1671]
Allergen, feathers, duck IgE [LAB1672]
Allergen, feathers, finch IgE [LAB1418]
Allergen, feathers, goose IgE [LAB1673]
Allergen, feathers, pigeon IgE [LAB1403]
Allergen, ferret epithelium IgE [LAB2530]
Allergen, fescue, meadow IgE [LAB1646]
Allergen, fig IgE [LAB2531]
Allergen, finch feathers IgG [LAB7165]
Allergen, fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) IgE [LAB1676]
Allergen, fish panel [LAB8846]
Allergen, flounder IgE [LAB1594]
Allergen, food panel [LAB2987]
Allergen, food panel extensive with peanut [LAB2985]
Allergen, Fusarium moniliforme IgE [LAB2435]
Allergen, Fusarium solani IgE [LAB4789]
Allergen, garlic IgE [LAB1709]
Allergen, gelatin bovine IgE [LAB2439]
Allergen, gelatin porcine IgE [LAB2440]
Allergen, general food screen (LMW) [LAB8973]
Allergen, gerbil epithelia IgE [LAB1567]
Allergen, german cockroach IgE [LAB2441]
Allergen, giant ragweed IgE [LAB644]
Allergen, ginger IgE [LAB1465]
Allergen, gluten IgE [LAB1706]
Allergen, grain panel [LAB8847]
Allergen, grapefruit IgE [LAB2442]
Allergen, grape IgE [LAB1584]
Allergen, green pea IgE [LAB622]
Allergen, grouper IgE [LAB2532]
Allergen, guinea pig epithelia IgE [LAB1670]
Allergen, gum arabic IgE [LAB2443]
Allergen, gum carageenan IgE [LAB2533]
Allergen, gum guar IgE [LAB2444]
Allergen, gum karaya IgE [LAB2445]
Allergen, gum tragacanth IgE [LAB2534]
Allergen, gum xanthan IgE [LAB2446]
Allergen, haddock IgE [LAB1466]
Allergen, halibut IgE [LAB1562]
Allergen, hazelnut IgE [LAB614]
Allergen, hazelnut IgG [LAB7016]
Allergen, Helminthosporium halodes IgE [LAB2447]
Allergen, helminthosporium sativum IgE [LAB630]
Allergen, herring IgE [LAB1467]
Allergen, hickory, white IgE [LAB1715]
Allergen, honeybee IgE [LAB1681]
Allergen, honey IgE [LAB1686]
Allergen, hops IgE [LAB1631]
Allergen, hornet, white-faced IgE [LAB1705]
Allergen, hornet, yellow IgE [LAB1682]
Allergen, horse dander IgE [LAB635]
Allergen, june grass IgG [LAB2450]
Allergen, kentucky blue grass, IgE [LAB2305]
Allergen, kiwi fruit IgE [LAB1544]
Allergen, kiwi IgG [LAB2535]
Allergen, lamb IgE [LAB1620]
Allergen, lamb's quarter IgE [LAB1657]
Allergen, lamb's quarters IgG [LAB2451]
Allergen, latex, IgE [LAB2335]
Allergen, lemon IgE [LAB1606]
Allergen, lentil IgE [LAB1585]
Allergen, lettuce IgE [LAB1596]
Allergen, lime IgE [LAB1470]
Allergen, lobster IgE [LAB642]
Allergen, lobster IgG [LAB2452]
Allergen, macadamia nut IgE [LAB1611]
Allergen, mackeral chub, IgE [LAB2307]
Allergen, malt IgE [LAB1703]
Allergen, mango IgE [LAB1499]
Allergen, maple / box elder IgE [LAB1634]
Allergen, marjoram IgE [LAB2537]
Allergen, melon honeydew IgE [LAB2538]
Allergen, melon IgE [LAB2539]
Allergen, Micropolyspora faeni IgE [LAB2540]
Allergen, Micropolyspora faeni IgG [LAB6857]
Allergen, milk component panel [LAB7581]
Allergen, milk, goat IgE [LAB1566]
Allergen, milk IgE [LAB586]
Allergen, millet common IgE [LAB2542]
Allergen, mint IgE [LAB2454]
Allergen, mold panel [LAB8850]
Allergen, mosquito, whole body IgE [LAB1690]
Allergen, mouse dander IgE [LAB2456]
Allergen, mouse epithelia IgE [LAB1688]
Allergen, mouse, serum IgE [LAB1533]
Allergen, mouse, urine IgE [LAB1534]
Allergen, Mucor racemousus IgE [LAB1227]
Allergen, mugwort IgE [LAB1658]
Allergen, mulberry white IgE [LAB2543]
Allergen, mushroom IgE [LAB1608]
Allergen, mussel blue IgG [LAB2544]
Allergen, mustard IgE [LAB1600]
Allergen, nectarine IgE [LAB2545]
Allergen, nettle IgE [LAB1659]
Allergen, nutmeg IgE [LAB1472]
Allergen, nut panel [LAB3296]
Allergen, oak, white IgE [LAB1639]
Allergen, oak white IgG [LAB2546]
Allergen, oat IgE [LAB643]
Allergen, oat IgG [LAB1145]
Allergen, octopus IgE [LAB2547]
Allergen, okra IgE [LAB1473]
Allergen, olive, black IgE [LAB1422]
Allergen, onion IgE [LAB1621]
Allergen, orange IgE [LAB1605]
Allergen, orange IgG [LAB1162]
Allergen, oregano IgE [LAB1475]
Allergen ovalbumin IgE [LAB5797]
Allergen ovomucoid IgE [LAB5796]
Allergen, oyster IgE [LAB1630]
Allergen, oyster IgG [LAB2459]
Allergen, pacific squid IgE [LAB2548]
Allergen, papaya, food IgE [LAB1592]
Allergen, paprika IgG [LAB2549]
Allergen, parrot australian droppings IgE [LAB2461]
Allergen, parrot australian droppings IgG [LAB7166]
Allergen, parrot australian feathers IgE [LAB2462]
Allergen, parsley IgE [LAB1523]
Allergen, pea black eyed IgE [LAB2464]
Allergen, pea chick/garabanzo bean IgE [LAB2550]
Allergen, peach IgE [LAB1604]
Allergen, peanut component panel IgE [LAB7100]
Allergen, peanut IgE [LAB592]
Allergen, peanut IgG [LAB1147]
Allergen, pear IgE [LAB2551]
Allergen, pecan/hickory tree IgE [LAB2309]
Allergen, pecan IgG [LAB2466]
Allergen, pecan, nut IgE [LAB1622]
Allergen, pecan tree IgG [LAB2467]
Allergen, Penicillium notatum IgG [LAB6858]
Allergen, penicilloyl G IgE [LAB1574]
Allergen, penicilloyl V IgE [LAB1575]
Allergen, pepper bell/paprika IgE [LAB6842]
Allergen, pepper bell/paprika IgG [LAB2468]
Allergen, pepper, black IgE [LAB1479]
Allergen, pepper black IgG [LAB2552]
Allergen, pepper cayenne IgE [LAB2553]
Allergen, pepper, chili IgE [LAB1480]
Allergen, perch IgE [LAB1514]
Allergen, Phoma betae IgE [LAB1591]
Allergen, Phoma betae IgG [LAB6859]
Allergen, pigeon droppings IgE [LAB1531]
Allergen, pigeon droppings IgG [LAB7167]
Allergen, pigeon feathers IgG [LAB7168]
Allergen, pigweed, rough IgE [LAB1660]
Allergen, pineapple IgE [LAB1717]
Allergen, pinenut IgE [LAB2554]
Allergen, pistachio IgE [LAB2555]
Allergen, pistachio IgG [LAB7017]
Allergen, Pityrosporum orbiculare IgE [LAB2475]
Allergen, plantain IgE [LAB2556]
Allergen plantain IgG [LAB7022]
Allergen, plum IgE [LAB1581]
Allergen, pollock white IgE [LAB2557]
Allergen, poplar lombardy IgE [LAB2558]
Allergen, poplar, white IgE [LAB1714]
Allergen, poppy seed IgE [LAB1482]
Allergen, pork IgE [LAB1607]
Allergen, potato, sweet IgE [LAB1578]
Allergen, potato white IgE [LAB2310]
Allergen, pumpkin seed IgE [LAB2559]
Allergen, quinoa IgE [LAB2560]
Allergen, rabbit epithelia IgE [LAB1519]
Allergen, rabbit hair IgE [LAB2561]
Allergen, rabbit, meat IgE [LAB1483]
Allergen, ragweed short/common IgG [LAB2562]
Allergen, ragweed, short, common IgE [LAB1661]
Allergen, raspberry IgE [LAB1496]
Allergen, rat epithelia IgE [LAB1520]
Allergen, rat, serum IgE [LAB1535]
Allergen, rat, urine IgE [LAB1536]
Allergen, respiratory panel [LAB6627]
Allergen, rice IgE [LAB624]
Allergen, rice IgG [LAB1140]
Allergen, rosemary IgE [LAB2563]
Allergen, rye IgE [LAB1623]
Allergen, sage IgE [LAB1486]
Allergen, salmon IgE [LAB1624]
Allergen, salmon IgG [LAB2564]
Allergen, scallop IgE [LAB1708]
Allergen, scallop IgG [LAB2565]
Allergen, seafood panel [LAB3470]
Allergen, sesame seed IgE [LAB1625]
Allergen, sesame seed IgG [LAB2566]
Allergen, shark IgE [LAB2567]
Allergen, sheep's sorrel / dock IgE [LAB1666]
Allergen, shellfish panel [LAB2477]
Allergen, shrimp IgE [LAB617]
Allergen, shrimp IgG [LAB2568]
Allergen, silver birch, IgE [LAB2304]
Allergen, snail IgE [LAB2478]
Allergen, snapper, red IgE [LAB1563]
Allergen, sole IgE [LAB1487]
Allergen, soybean IgE [LAB587]
Allergen, soybean IgG [LAB1141]
Allergen, soy component panel IgE [LAB7103]
Allergen, spinach IgE [LAB1603]
Allergen, squash, summer IgE [LAB1710]
Allergen, squid pacific IgG [LAB2569]
Allergen, Stachybotrys chartarum IgE [LAB1405]
Allergen, star fruit IgE [LAB2570]
Allergen, stemphyllium IgE [LAB631]
Allergen, strawberry IgE [LAB609]
Allergen, strawberry IgG [LAB2481]
Allergen, sugar maple IgE [LAB2482]
Allergen, sunflower, pollen IgE [LAB1696]
Allergen, sunflower, seed IgE [LAB1597]
Allergen, swordfish IgE [LAB2485]
Allergen, tea IgE [LAB1626]
Allergen, Thermoactinomyces vulgaris IgE [LAB2487]
Allergen, Thermoactinomyces vulgaris IgG [LAB6860]
Allergen, thyme IgE [LAB1489]
Allergen, tilapia IgE [LAB2488]
Allergen, timothy grass IgE [LAB2311]
Allergen, tomato IgE [LAB625]
Allergen, tomato IgG [LAB2489]
Allergen, Trichoderma viride IgE [LAB2490]
Allergen, Trichoderma viride IgG [LAB6861]
Allergen, trout IgE [LAB1571]
Allergen, tuna IgE [LAB2491]
Allergen, tuna IgG [LAB2492]
Allergen, turkey IgE [LAB1627]
Allergen, turmeric IgE [LAB2493]
Allergen, wall-eyed pike IgE [LAB2494]
Allergen, walnut california black tree IgE [LAB2571]
Allergen, walnut food IgG [LAB2572]
Allergen, walnut IgE [LAB604]
Allergen, wasp, paper IgE [LAB1683]
Allergen, watermelon IgE [LAB1565]
Allergen, wheat IgE [LAB590]
Allergen, wheat IgG [LAB2573]
Allergen, whey IgE [LAB1522]
Allergen, whitefish IgE [LAB1490]
Allergen, willow, black IgE [LAB1643]
Allergen, wool sheep IgE [LAB7102]
Allergen, yeast (S. cerevisiae) IgE [LAB2496]
Allergen, yeast, brewer's IgE [LAB1593]
Allergen, zucchini IgE [LAB1400]
Allergy profile, Respiratory Region 1 [LAB6627]
Alternaria alternata IgE [LAB599]
Alternaria tenuis IgE [LAB599]
American sycamore [LAB2482]
Apricot IgE [LAB1572]
Avocado IgE [LAB1424]
Beef IgE [LAB618]
Bermuda Grass IgE [LAB646]
Blueberry IgE [LAB1495]
Bran Wheat [LAB590]
Cedar Mountain IgE [LAB1635]
Celery IgE [LAB1492]
Cherry IgE [LAB1711]
Chicken IgE [LAB632]
Coconut IgE [LAB1616]
Coffee IgE [LAB1617]
Cottonwood Eastern IgE [LAB1636]
d1 [LAB597]
d2 [LAB595]
e1 [LAB2306]
e5 [LAB591]
English Walnut IgE [LAB604]
f1 [LAB588]
f12 [LAB622]
f13 [LAB592]
f14 [LAB587]
f17 [LAB614]
f210 [LAB1717]
f221 [LAB1617]
f237 [LAB1572]
f24 [LAB617]
f242 [LAB1711]
f255 [LAB1581]
f256 [LAB604]
f259 [LAB1584]
f26 [LAB1607]
f27 [LAB618]
f284 [LAB1627]
f2, Milk IgE [LAB586]
f3 [LAB602]
f31 [LAB1615]
f35 [LAB2310]
f36 [LAB1616]
f4 [LAB590]
f47 [LAB1709]
f48 [LAB1621]
f79 [LAB1706 | LAB642]
f83 [LAB632]
f84 [LAB1544]
f85 [LAB1492]
f87 [LAB2539]
f89 [LAB1600]
f91 [LAB1499]
f94 [LAB2551]
f96 [LAB1424]
g17 [LAB626]
g2 [LAB646]
g3 [LAB2423]
g6 [LAB2311]
g8 [LAB2305]
Garlic IgE [LAB1709]
Gluten IgE [LAB1706 | LAB642]
Grape IgE [LAB1584]
Green Pea IgE [LAB622]
Helminthosporium halodes IgE [LAB2447]
i6 [LAB2441]
June Grass IgE [LAB2305]
k84 [LAB1597]
Kiwi IgE [LAB1544]
London plane tree [LAB2482]
m12 [LAB1586]
m14 [LAB629]
m2 [LAB606]
m3 [LAB598]
m4 [LAB1227]
m5 [LAB619]
m6 [LAB599]
m8 [LAB2447]
Mango IgE [LAB1499]
Maple leaf sycamore [LAB2482]
Melon IgE [LAB2539]
Mulberry White IgE [LAB2543]
Nettle IgE [LAB1659]
Onion IgE [LAB1621]
Orchard grass IgE [LAB2423]
Pear IgE [LAB2551]
Pecan Tree [LAB2309]
Pineapple IgE [LAB1717]
Pork IgE [LAB1607]
Quest Childhood allergy [LAB7023]
Quest Food Panel [LAB2987]
Red Dye IgE [LAB6396]
Rf147 [LAB1594]
Rf220 [LAB1459]
Rf236 [LAB1522]
Rf288 [LAB1495]
Rf309 [LAB2550]
Rf329 [LAB1565]
Rf345 [LAB1611]
Rf414 [LAB2488]
Rw204 [LAB1696]
Setomelanomma rostrata IgE [LAB2447]
t1 [LAB1634]
t10 [LAB2571]
t11 [LAB2482]
t14 [LAB1636]
t15 [LAB1632]
t22 [LAB2309]

t6 [LAB1635]
t70 [LAB2543]
t8 [LAB608]
Timothy Grass [LAB2311]
Tree Nuts Allergen Panel [LAB3296]
Turkey IgE [LAB1627]
w1 [LAB1661]
w10 [LAB1657]
w14 [LAB1660]
w18 [LAB1666]
w20 [LAB1659]
w6 [LAB1658]
w9, Plantain IgE, English Plantain IgE [LAB2556]
White Potato IgE [LAB2310]